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Brinks armored car


Here is your delicious list of cool and tough-looking Brinks armored car. The first armored car used by Brinks was in 1859 when Brinks founded by Perry and Fidelia Brink. Brinks has been in the business for more than 150 years to provide security services for banks, retailers, government, mints, jeweler, and many other businesses that require a secure transfer.

Brinks armored car

The armored car is always cool, tough all the time, and it is secure for any transfer. Here are some of the most delectable armored cars over the years that you can never miss.

Brinks first gasoline powered armored car

In 1904, the first gasoline powered car, Knox Gasoline Express Wagon (also known as “Porcupine”) goes into Brinks service. During that time, each Knox truck replaced 12 horses, three wagons and one crew member. The first gasoline Brinks armored car is now housed at the Brink’s Museum in Chicago.

In 1927, Brinks built the first fully armored car. The car were equipped with .38 calier revolvers, .44 caliber repeating rifles, 12 gauge shotguns, gas riot runs and sub-machine guns. It has become the first in the industry.

In 1942, another must-remember Brinks armored car is the car that Brinks used to promote the sale of war bonds. The car sprayed with black, white, and orange three colors and “Buy, US War Bonds, new” written to the car body.

During 1961 to 2000, Brinks expands its businesses to many other countries. In 1961, Brinks opened their branches in France. In 1966, Brink’s enter South America market, 1978 in Hong Kong and it is the first in the Asia Pacific region.

In 1988, Brink’s expanded to Australia. In 1996, Brinks put its footprint in South Africa, the country that organized World Cup in 2010. In 2001, Brink’s Cash Logistics was established. Today, over 9,300 armored cars available in 50 countries on 6 continents that work for Brinks. Majority of the used armored trucks and used armored cars for sale in the market today are Brinks armored car.


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