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BMW M5 2006 Owner’s Manual



Free BMW M5 Owner’s Manual can be downloaded here. It is available in PDF version. The BMW M5 is one famous iconic car and it is always the most wanted mid-size luxury by youngsters around the world. The M5 is a high performance car version of the BMW 5-series made by BMW’s Motorsport. It is similar to M3 for BMW 3-series. These 5-series are such as E28 M5 since 1985 to 1988, E34 M5 from 1989 to 1995, E39 M5 from 1998 to 2003 and the latest E60 M5 from 2005 to 2010 and the latest BMW F10 M5 from 2011 until present.

The Owner’s manual available here is for the 2006 BMW E60 M5 525i, 530i, 550o, 525xi, 530xi model. It covers the information for the M5 from A to Z in 259 pages including adjustments for the car, transporting children safety, the correct way to drive the car, lamps, climate, practical interior accessories, and things to remember when driving. The manual also covers the information for the navigation in the car. Owner can key in the destination details and the computer will show the destination guidance. Another interesting part is entertainment in the car, radio, CD player, and external audio device.

M5 owner will also find the communications system in the car very useful especially telephoning, TeleService, and BMW Assist. With all these information, it makes the M5 more than just a BMW.

Most of the stated BMW models are using 4,999cc engine and with the output power around 500bhp. Starting from page 194 in the owner’s manual, information for refueling, wheels and tires, engine, basic maintenance, replacing components, voice command system and technical data are all in. Now what? Just click on the link here to download the 2006 BMW M5 owner’s manual. This file is 8.9 MB in PDF version. Please inform us if you are having problem to download this manual.


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