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Average cost of car insurance for a teenager


Here is the average cost for teenager’s car insurance and guide to get cheap insurance for teenager. Car insurance always seems to be one of all the financial products that most resented by consumers. This conceivably comprehensible as car insurance has no tangible return if there is no accidents happen no matter how much investment you put in. This becomes clear why it is important to find cheaper car insurance and avoid sky high price for teenager.

According to statistics around the world, accident rate for teenagers (under 20 years old) are higher than other drivers that are elder. Other than that, teenager tends to drive reckless and faster than others especially new driver. Therefore it is obvious this has given chances to car insurance company to quote sky high price premiums for teen driver.

Factors affect teenager average insurance cost

The average cost of teenager’s car insurance is basically depends on few important factors here. Understanding these factors can give you some clue to get cheap insurance for yours son or daughter.

teenager 1. Driver’s gender.Boy tends to driver faster because all they care about is who’s got the biggest engine, so this is one of the considerations from insurance company. 2. Driver’s age.This is because car crashes are still the leading killer for people age from 15 to 20. 3. Type of cars.An exotic car will cost much more than a normal family car. 4. Age and mileage of the cars.

5. Postcode where you live. Areas with low accident rates stand higher chance to get cheaper car insurance.

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Here is your tasty A-list of things you can do before request for any car insurance quotes from insurance companies around you or from online. Each of the tips here will definitely help to get cheaper car insurance for teenager.

First thing to show insurance companies is driver’s education and also good student grade. You are able to get good discount with good student grade or school results. Other than that, insurance company will give discount if your parents add your name to their policy.

Another way to save up to 10%-15% is to buy a normal car with more safety features such as ABS brakes system, air bag, auto alarm, and other safety features. Besides, keeping a good and clean traffic record will save you huge money on car insurance too. Traffic tickets, accident record will cause the insurance price boost up!

Last but not least, a recognized safety driving course certificate is helpful too. A safety driving course may cost you few hundred dollars. If the car insurance cost you $2500 a year without the course and it is a lot cheaper with recognized certificate, why not?


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