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2 Way LCD pager car alarm


The top 3 cheapest and reliable 2 Way LCD pager car alarm are listed here. Now you can buy a basic 2 Way LCD pager car alarm from $70 dollars. No worry if you have lost your remote transmitter, you can easily get a replacement for just $49. These car alarm systems comes with shock sensor, LCD command confirming transceiver, visual confirmation of alarm, remote start features, and many more.

1. Astra 777 2-Way LCD paging 4 channel Car alarm security system

The Astra 777 (ASIN: B003G53JFY) is available in the market from $74.95. It has one 5-button 2-way AM LCD transceiver, one 5-button 1-way transmitter, 433 MHz., Door lock/unlock outputs (negative), Ignition controlled door locks, Anti-carjack (3 modes programmable), Channel 3 output (trunk release), Channel 4 aux. Output, Flashing parking lights relay on board, Starter disable output, Horn output, Dome-light output, Dual stage shock sensor, 2-step door unlock, Siren.
Click here to purchase: Astra 777

2. Alert 500S Long range 2 Way 4 channel LCD paging car alarm

Alert 500S comes with One Five Button 2-Way LCD Transceiver With Button Lock, Dual Stage Shock Sensor, Blue L.E.D., Siren, Active/Passive Arming, Ignition Controlled Door Locks, Automatic Rearm, Door Lock Relays On-Board, Parking Light Relay On-Board, Starter Disable Output, Channel 3 Trunk Release, Channel 4 Output, 2-Step Door Unlock, Dome-light Output, Horn Honk Output, Optional Knock Sensor Input, Anti-Carjacking. It is one of the cheapest long range car alarm system with pager in the market today.
Click here to purchase: Alert – 500S – Long Range 2-Way LCD Paging Car Alarm

3. Scytek 2 Way LCD Paging replacement remote transmitter

You do not have to spend a lot of money if you lost your remote transmitter. Scytek replacement here is compatible with Astra or Galaxy. The front buttons must be one button lock picture, and other button unlock picture. Battery and programming instructions are included.
Click here to purchase: Scytek – 2-Way LCD Paging Remote Transmitter

In conclusion, quality, stability, performance, durability, and reliability is what you need to consider when looking to buy a car alarm.


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