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Do you know 17 year old car insurance is higher than others? But no worries, we tell you how to get cheap car insurance for 17 year old driver. These methods have been proven works and successfully get a great discount from most of the car insurance companies. Before you can get a big discount from insurance companies, you will have to understand the reason why is car insurance so high for teenagers. It will then very easy to get cheap car insurance as long as you catch some of the tips here.

17 year old, a wonderful age in our life. There are a lot of people wish to be “17 again” once they have passed their teenager age. It is a year to start learning to drive and get a cool car after get the driving license. However, things don’t seem to be so smooth when the chances to get cheap car insurance for teenager are extremely low especially in UK.

There will be a little bit more requirement when a 17 year-old teenager ask for car insurance quotes. These details that usually will be used to create car insurance quote are:

The driver age. Age play an important part in getting insurance quotes. Younger = expensive, older = cheaper.

Driver’s gender. Male or female does matter. Male drivers are tending to have higher risk as male driver usually drive faster.

Car model. The model of the car you purchase will affect the insurance price. Car with more safety features like ABS brakes, air bags, alarm system, theft system will be able to get cheaper car insurance.

Car model year. It is different with driver’s age. Older car = cheaper insurance, younger car = expensive insurance.

Area code and Zip code. Car insurance companies usually will ask you to key in zip code of where you stay. This is to check on the accident statistic base on the area you stay.

Alright, do not get upset after read through all the negative point of how hard to get cheap car insurance for teenager. There are always exists for that. Here are some of pretty good tips to get cheap car insurance for teenager under 20 year old. Now you feel 17 Again?

17 year old student grades

Most of the youngster will have student grades while this may no longer applicable for old people who had graduated years ago. Show the insurance company good student grades in your school. Car insurance company will consider cheaper price for student who have good grade.

The safety of the car

Provide some of this information when you apply for car insurance. Places where you park the car and how you travel, from your house to school, the car park either in your house garage or your school car park. Tell the insurance company you did not park the car at backstreet.

Buy the car insurance on your parents’ policy

Another great way of saving some money is to go on your parents’ policy if they are driving. The only disadvantage is the no-claim bonus will not build up but this could help you save some money in short term.

In conclusion, the legal driving in most of the countries is 17. It is too risky to get on the road without any car insurance. The best way is to get the tips and run to any car insurance companies around you to get cheap 17 year old car insurance.
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