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If you want me to choose a China car brand that makes inexpensive car, mini trucks, or vans, I will choose Wuling cars. The price for Wuling is surprisingly cheap.

China-based car manufacturer Wuling (上汽通用五菱汽车股份有限公司) was founded in 2002. It is a joint venture car brand between GM, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC), and Wuling Automobile Company Limited. Currently, the headquarters is located at Liuzhou, Guangxi, China. At most of the time, when we see Wuling cars, we slightly see the shadow of GM’s cars.

In 2009, Wuling sells more than 1 million units of vehicles. A year later in 2010, the sales of Wuling cars was over a million, marking a success of this brand new car brand in automobile industry.

One of the most famous and notable Wuling cars is the Wuling Sunshine. The car featured a simple interior with a 0.8 liter engine. The price is one of the main reason that over millions of Wuling Sunshine were sold.

Wuling Logo

Wuling Logo

Wuling notable models

  • Wuling Sunshine – One of the best selling Wuling cars. Wuling Sunshine is equipped with a 0.8 liter engine, priced at only $3,700 USD. Wuling Sunshine is also available in pickup.
  • Wuling Rongguang
  • Wuling Hongtu – Also called Chevrolet N200.
  • Liuzhou Wuling LZ 110 (1977 – 1984) – Based on the Mitsubishi Minicab.
  • Wuling Dragon – Well, Chinese always use Dragon to represent powerful and well-built.
  • Wuling City Breeze – Based on Daihatsu Zebra.

Besides some of the cars in the list of Wuling car models above, there are currently some other Wuling cars for sales in China market like the Wuling Windside. Other than making vehicles, Wuling also manufacture engines which known as B Engines.

From Wuling Sunshine to Wuling trucks, Wuling has expanded from China to some overseas market like US, Africa, Southeast Asia, and many more to come. With over millions of Wuling cars sold, we believe this car marque has a bright future.


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