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Who is John Cooper?


John Cooper, A man that fit his works to a Mini by his own hand and tunes it becomes Mini Cooper. His formula is as simple as “Mini + Cooper = Mini Cooper”. British Motor Corporation (BMC – formed by the merger of Austin and Morris) developed the Mini that design by a Greek-British designer Sir Alex Issigonis and the Mini was launched in the 1959.

Sir Alex Issigonis make the Mini became famous for sketching out the original look of Mini on the back of a cigarette pack in the late 50’s. The Mini was then souped-up and tuned by John Cooper in 1961 and soon the Mini Cooper became a cult classic in history.

John Cooper and Mini Cooper

John Cooper was a co-founder of the “Cooper Car Company” together with his father Charles Cooper. The Cooper Car Company was formed just after World War II. During the war, John Cooper worked as an instrument maker in the Royal Air Force. This company was the first motor racing manufacturer that wins the Formula One constructors’ championship.


During 60’s, John Cooper’s Mini Cooper is a very success icon and most impressive legacy, the tiny little cute sedan car has become a cult icon to the world. Some people said the original Mini will not last so long until today if it has without the “Cooper” added to “Mini” because John Cooper has gave the car a motor racing pedigree. Well, this was commented during 60’s to 70’s, but then during 90’s, we have Mr. Bean that gave the car another hip image!


John Cooper Works on Mini Cooper Sport 5

After Charles Cooper death in 1964, John Cooper sold off Cooper Car Company and he fully focus his attention to Mini Cooper. From there onwards, a higher and more powerful version was born in 1963 and produced over the years and over the world by BMC, it was the Mini Cooper S. The “S” stands for Special. Both Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S were adored by rally, off-road driver, and daily driver since 60’s until today.

BMC has begun to produce Mini since 1959 until October 2000. There are total of 5.3 million units of Mini has been produced over 40 years, making the Mini the most produced automobile in the world. Eventhough there are larger and more reliable VW dominating to the market, but I would to say the Beetle can’t beat Mini forever. Mini was ranked second as car of the century by automotive experts.


John Cooper has a famous workshop which known as “Works” garage or John Cooper Works. John Cooper has done a wonderful job to improve the performance to Morris Mini. In 1964, a great achievement was achieved by John Cooper where by the Mini Cooper S won the Rally Monte-Carlo, the winning went on 3 years continuously in 1965, 1967. In 1966, 3 Morris Mini Cooper S accomplished first second and third places but the judges disqualify them by saying the Mini Cooper frontal front lights and the spotlights used halogen bulbs that did not meet with French traffic regulations. Mini Cooper was really a phenomenal in motor racing but this disqualification has became one of the soundest scandals of Rally History. This is one of the reason we still can see some of the classic Mini stick the Rally Monte-Carlo sticker on their car.


There are several winning Mini in 60’s. A car that driven by Kallstrom was AGU 780B Austin Cooper S with 1275cc (78Bhp) engine at the ’64 RAC, ’65 Monte-Carlo and ’65 Swedish. Apart from AGU 780B, there was an 11NYB driven by Geoff Mabbs which was in Red/Black, but people always misunderstand about this car was in white/black due to the fire damage or accident. There are some more works Mini recorded in history, most of the works Mini was Morris Mini Cooper S. The Mini Cooper S was estimated worth around £30,000-50,000 nowadays. It is really a big hit for Mini Cooper in the 60’s.

John Cooper died on 24 December 2000 Christmas Eve, the Cooper name was licensed to BMW before his death. This makes Mini has never went anywhere. BMW has produce the higher performance versions of Mini which known as BMW Mini Cooper. Cooper Works is then continuing to the new BMW Mini Cooper and once again it is selling around the world. Nowadays, John Cooper’s son Mike Cooper serve as an advisory role in BMW and Rover’s for the new Mini team to continue his father’s Cooper dream.


The New BMW Mini Cooper with John Cooper Works (JCW)


John Cooper WORKS for BMW MIni Cooper and Classic Mini Cooper

A memory Picture of John revealed the BMW Mini Cooper with WORKS

John Cooper has brought a lot of contribution and success to Mini as a creator of Iconic Mini Cooper in the 60’s until now, also John Cooper is a brilliant and ebullient person.


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