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Benz Motorwagen
Who invented the car? One of the widely recognize answer is Karl Benz. The first car invented by him in 1885 and unveiled in 1886 as the first petrol powered car. Karl Benz, as what his name told us, the “Benz”, he is the pioneer founder of all the automobile manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz. Karl Benz was born in 25 November 1844. He was a great German automobile engineer who specialize in designing car engine and generally well known as the inventor of petrol powered car.

Karl Benz sometimes spelled as Carl Benz. Benz invented the first car together with another two German partners Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach. That’s may be where DaimlerChrysler today come from. However, Benz patented his car first as Benz Patent Motorwagen.

During Benz early life, it is believe that he get his idea to invent a car while he riding his bicycle. He started to think and invent an automatic bicycle without using human’s power or horse power, but replace with an engine.

In 1871, Benz was 27 years old. He joined a company Ritter and started his entrepreneur spirit to invent engine. He concentrated all his efforts to create a two-stroke engine and then later he created a four-stroke engine to the first car in this world which is the Motorwagen.

Benz ended his life at 4 April 1929, died at 85 years old. It is great for us to know who invented the car. He was one of the greatest car enthusiasts who had contributed a great effort to automobile industry for more than a century ago. Without him, we may not have any sports cars or pimped out cars today.

Other cars related things Benz invented

Karl Benz really showed his genius, other than car and engine, he also invented and patented the speed regulation system which is the “Throttle” we say today. Back in 80’s, this genius also patented the ignition system using sparks with battery, the spark plug (appear in most of the car in the market today), the carburetor, the clutch, gear shift, as well as the water system running with radiator.

Who invented cars before Karl Benz

Before Karl Benz, there is some other genius invented steam powered car, this has included:

  1. Ferdinand Verbiest. A Flemish Jesuit missionary in China who invented the first steam powered car in China back in 1672.
  2. Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot. A French inventor that believed to built the first self-propelled mechanical vehicle in 1769.
  3. Francois Isaac de Rivaz. A Swiss inventor who born in Paris. He is the first successful man who invented the internal combustion engine.
  4. Robert Anderson. The first person who invented the first crude electric engine carriage or can be call “car” in the history.

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A picture of Karl Benz – who invented the car
Karl Benz


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