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Where can I buy a car from a police auction


Here is your tasty list of where you can buy a car from government car auction and used police car auction. There are thousand of quality cars seized by government agencies and police department every week across the United States. This is also happening in some other countries like UK, European countries, and Asia. These cars had to be sold at cheaper value through police auction according to the law. Therefore, it is a smart choice to look for some value buy here.

Sometimes the car auctions start from as low as $100 dollars and you can get some nice cars for 500 dollars if you are lucky. Thousand of dollars can be saved by getting a car from police auction! A penny saved is a penny earned. There are many police auctions almost every month. Try to find out when the next local police car auctions is. You can get the information from local police through your local government website.

So, why there are cars for sale from police auction? Most of the cars available in any police auction are cars that violet traffic rules or state laws such as impounded cars, lost cars, confiscated cars, used police cars, repossessed cars, and many other reasons. With these reasons, it tells us that the car condition is not that bad and worth for a try.

However, there are some disadvantages of buying car from police auction. General police auction will not allow bidders to check on the car condition before you decided to bid the car. There is no warranties on these cars and most of it were sold in “AS IS” basis. The history of these cars remains unknown whether it is a decommissioned car or a seized-car from drug dealers.

Tips to buy a car from a police auction

Make sure you have done your research about what kind of cars you want to buy, your budget as well as your bottom line. Bring enough cash on that day and do not bid for any car that is over your budget. A valid driving license is required to join any car auction.

Arrive early to the auction so that you have enough time to check the list of auction cars on the day. Some auctions allow registered bidders to inspect the auction cars before the auction start. Usually the inspection time is very limited and some auctions do not allow bidders to start the car.

Check properly the VIN# number on the car and inspect properly if the car has been fix with parts from another car. Most of the cars are seized by government for a certain period, inspect the car properly and do not bid for rusted cars that you found it has been impounded for more than years.


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