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What is the average price of car insurance?


Here is some guide to buy cheap car insurance base on the average price of what others get in the same car insurance group. Insurance price for every car is different base on various factors for example the insured car location, the insured driver’s age, marital status, driver’s gender, years of driving and some other important factors. However, there is always an average price to pay base on the car insurance group.

According to statistic in 2007, the highest average price for car insurance in U.S is D.C which is $1,140, follow by $1,104 in New Jersey, and $1,096 in Louisiana. The cheapest average price of car insurance is in Iowa which is only $518. The average auto insurance expenditure nationwide was $795 in 2007, $1,600 in 2008, and $1,796 in 2009 which has obviously show it is always increase even in future 2010, 2011, or 2012.

There are over thousand of factors that affect car insurance price. Therefore it is hard to determine the exact average price of a car insurance. You will have to ask for several car insurance quotes at your area and compared it to find the best deal.

Factors to determine car insurance price

  • Location of the car. Which state the car is insured? For example, Florida car insurance is higher than Pennsylvania.
  • Driver age is another concern that affects the price of insurance policy. Teenager tends to pay at least 2 times more than normal insurance rate.
  • Gender. Female driver will pay less than male driver.
  • Type of cars. Passenger cars, SUVs, exotic cars, or sports cars.

Average price of car insurance for teenager

The average price of car insurance policy for teenager under 20 years old for a year stands between $3000 and $4000. Averagely it is around $250 to $350 a month. Normally, average cost of car insurance for a teenager is a lot higher than other because of car crashes are the leading killer for driver who are under 20 according to statistic. Another reason is because teenager tends to drive faster and more danger compared to elder driver.

However, there are some great tips where you can get at least 20% discount from normal car insurance price. For example, some insurance companies offer good student great discount if you have good academy result from your school or university. Other than that, you can choose to buy a safety car with more safety features like ABS, Airbag, or anti-theft alarm system. Car insurance company will consider quoting your policy at lower price if the car comes with lot safety features.


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