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What is comprehensive car insurance


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What is comprehensive car insurance? It is the best car insurance that makes you not to worry about anything or any car accidents when you drive your car out to anywhere. With the comprehensive package, you will get comprehensive cover for your car incase anything happen. So, what does comprehensive car insurance cover? Let’s see and check through the list properly. Alternatively, you can also check out Tesco car insurance.

It pretty much depends on the car insurance company you choose, either is AA car insurance, Tesco car insurance, Churchill car insurance…etc off course there a thousand of insurance company that provide comprehensive car insurance for any cars around the world. Anyway, we share a list of standard comprehensive car insurance coverage here for you own reference before you decided your own car insurance. It will be very useful if you are buying an expensive or luxury cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, or Cadillac. Usually comprehensive car insurance coverage are:

  • Covers your own car, as well as other cars in limited scenarios.
  • It covers the damage to your car if it is stolen, or damaged by flood, fire, or animals. Do read properly the insurance policy as some of the comprehensive insurance do not cover “Act of God” which is hardly determine.
  • The amount available to claim is base on the deductible, higher deductible will lower the cost of insurance premiums. Let’s say the insurance deductible is $2000, your car damages and need $2200 to repair it, you will only need to pay $2200-$2000= $200 for the case.
  • Some comprehensive did not cover damage to your own car if you over customize your own car out of the standard.
  • It also covers for theft or attempted theft, means if your car were damage or your car accessories like sport rims were stolen.

However, the coverage is always limited to the very long terms and conditions contained in the policy that most of the people do not read carefully before they sign.

Comprehensive insurance for a car is not required by any state or any country, it is not a must, but it is recommended having it especially if you are using some kind of super exotic sports cars. If your car is under personal loan, financed, leased, or under any type of GMACcarloan account, the finance company will mostly require you to carry this coverage.

Benefit of buying comprehensive car insurance

  1. If you did not see your car at the place where you park last night, you do not have to panic if your car is cover under comprehensive insurance.
  2. It benefits those who are having new cars, as it will cover the vehicle total lost. Imagine if you lost your Lamborghini Limo?
  3. It do not really bring benefit to those who is driving old cars as we believe seldom got people will not paying $2000 comprehensive insurance to cover cars under 1000 dollars.
  4. It brings benefits to a lot of cars related business such as automobile hire purchase company, second hand car dealers, or even new car dealers.
  5. Some insurance companies provide installment plan as comprehensive is a little bit higher than the normal insurance.
  6. Some insurance company offers few types of discount on fuel-efficient vehicle. (check out How much per mile does it cost to drive a car)

In some country, some classic cars are eligible to get a comprehensive car insurance if the car value is high according to the classic car values. The insurance company will have to check out the classic car blue book before the agent can confirm the deal. This makes most of the classic cars owner feel saver to collect all these valuable old cars.

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What if you wake up in the morning and see this happen to your car?

What about non comprehensive car insurance?

There is still a lot of other type of car insurance such as Optional car insurance, Third party insurance…etc. Optional car insurance is a type of package where you can choose what to cover base on your preference. The insurance company will give you a quote and you will only have to pay accordingly.

Third party car insurance is the most basic insurance where it did not cover your own damage to your own car. This is mainly for cheap car like cars under 500 dollars to legally run on the road. Third party car insurance only cover the amounts you must legally pay to another person’s car to compensate for loss or damage to their property due to car accidents or some other reason. The cost of cleaning the accident area is also cover under third party car insurance. Do not forget sometimes this amount will be huge if you hit and damage a street lamp that may cost over $10,000.

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