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What Does a Speeding Ticket Look Like


Have you ever wonder what does a speeding ticket look like? Does it look square like a piece of Chinese jerky? A speeding ticket in the United States comes with details such as the ticket number, your alleged speed, the maximum allowed speed of where you were watched, and some other important information. A speeding ticket in New York could be different with one you get in Pennsylvania but they are basically almost the same. Whether you are from Louisiana, Connecticut, or some other states in the US, here is some of the basic information you will see in a speeding ticket.

Speeding Ticket (Top Part)

What you will see on top of the speeding is usually the ticket number, the name, and the address of the driver. The ticket number is unique and you can use it as a reference when you call to DMV.

Driver’s Description

In the middle of the speeding ticket, it will be the driver’s license number, state, date of birth, hair, eyes, height, weight, sex, and race. This information is copied by the police officer from your driver’s license.

Description of Vehicle

It is the description of vehicle right after the driver’s details. The vehicle registration number, color, model year, make, state, and body type will be written down on the speeding ticket.

Traffic Violation

The violation date, maximum allowed speed and the alleged speed will be clearly written down too. A valid speeding ticket in the US, UK, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, China, and Japan will come with the exact title and section of the law that a driver violated. It is a must to check the speed before you agree to take the speeding ticket. Otherwise, you can seek an advice from a lawyer in your state and have grounds for dismissal.

The Information of Police Officer

This is a section where the police officer writes down his name, troop number, and department. Make sure all the details are there otherwise your lawyer might not be able to talk to the police department in case there is a need.

speeding ticket
Speeding ticket

Speeding Ticket by Speed Camera

Other than a police officer pointing a speed gun at your vehicle at the side of the road, you might also get caught by a speed camera. A speeding ticket produce by speed camera look a bit different with the one you get from a police officer. It has almost everything mentioned above but without the information of a police officer. In some area, the speeding ticket caught by a speed camera will come with a photo of the vehicle. In the UK, a speeding ticket is known as Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP).

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What to do if you get a speeding ticket?

It is a must to response to the speeding ticket once you have got one. There are many convenient ways where you can pay it immediately online. The payment methods and description are usually written at the back of the speeding ticket. It is advisable to turn the ticket over and read it carefully. Now you have know what does a speeding ticket look like, do response to it if you found one in your letter box, mail box or if you get one from a police officer in your state.


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