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What company makes Jaguar cars?


The company that makes Jaguar cars is Jaguar Cars Ltd, which better known as Jaguar. Jaguar Ltd was originally founded as the Swallow Sidecar Company (SS) by Sir William Lyons, William Walmsley, and William Francis Tranter in 1922. It was then entirely changed to Jaguar in 1945 because the “SS” name associate with Germany’s SS military organization.

Jaguar cars
No matter in old times or today, Jaguar Ltd is a British car manufacturer that builds luxury passenger cars. Most of the Jaguar cars look lavishness and sumptuousness no matter which model year. This has made Jaguar become luxury car lovers’ choices. Some of the famous Jaguar cars that rocked the world are: 1949 Jaguar XK 120, Jaguar XK 140, Jaguar XK 150, 1961 Jaguar E Type, Jaguar XJ6, Jaguar XJ12, and many more.

In 1968, a merger between Jaguar and Leyland formed the largest British car complex. Until 1972, it is the year of Sir William Lyons retired after forming SS for 50 years during his 21st birthday.

In 1989, Jaguar was acquired by Ford. During the era, company that makes Jaguar cars is a question as Jaguar became part of Ford’s new Premier Automotive Group. However, many great Jaguar cars were built during the time and all cars built are under “Jaguar” brand. See also what are the best resale models for Jaguar.

In 2008, Jaguar had sold to Tata Motors of India by Ford together with Land Rover brand. The total amount of the deal cost £1.7 billion. Today, Jaguar Cars Ltd is fully owned by Tata Motors of India but its plant is still based in Coventry, England.

Jaguar Cars Ltd had built many great and luxury passenger cars, sports cars, and large executive cars. We are able to see the quality from first Jaguar car 1½ Litre saloon that built in 1935, the luxury 1939 Jaguar Mk IV 3½ Litre, as well as the XJ220 which was the fastest production car in the world. Without a single doubt, Jaguar built many quality luxury cars.


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