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What are you planning to do if you own a Lamborghini Murcielago?


What are you planning to do if you have a 650 hp Lamborghini Murcielago falls into your hand? I believe most of the people will love it, kiss it, polish it, park the car as close as to their bed and have a peep every 20 minutes to see if the car still there.

However, not everything thinks the same. Far East in theAsiathere is a company called PHKOSUGI tried to promote their LED lights and turn the car into Troncielago. They fitted the car with a new Aventador look-a-like body kit and the entire car was light-up. LED lights were added from car hood to air vent to door surrounding to underneath. Do you believe that 650 hp could be ruined with some cheap LED lights?

What even funny is the company made the video and try to advertise to some other exotic owners that they can actually turn exotic cars into Tron car. Something like Ferrari Tronfiorano, Trontalia 458, or Lamborghini Tronventador.

Lamborghini only built 4099 Murcielago in the 10 years time frame. One was killed here and now left 4098 surviving Murcielago on earth. Oh My Gosh! I know they like Backstreet Boys’ song “I want it that way”, ain’t nothing but a headache.


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