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What are some good pranks to do to cars?


Here is your delicious A-list of harmless, safe, and wonderful pranks to pull on a car without any damage to the car. Car pranks are something fun to play with friends or family on any occasion to make everyone laugh especially on great April Fools’ Day. It is something wonderful to play as long as you make sure there are no damage to the car or the driver. Check out some great ideas!

Here are some of the harmless, safe, great, evil, and funny car pranks you can always do it to your friend’s car or revenge to someone who used to play a car prank on your car.

1. Harmless car pranks
2. Great car pranks
3. Car revenge pranks
4. Good car prank
5. Evil car pranks
6. Safe car pranks

Want to know more about some good yet harmless pranks to do to cars? Here are some other great ideas of all times.

Prank with Brake and car horn

Here is another great idea that can be very fun only if you have the knowledge about car wiring. Try to rewire the horn with the brake, which the horn will function once the driver steps on the brake, and yes, every driver has to use brake whenever they drive. You will just have to rewire back the wiring after the prank success.

Car advertisement prank

Simply advertise the targeted victim’s car to local news paper, local buy & sell used vehicle website with extremely low price than the market price. It would be funny to the victim who knows nothing about it but has to pick up a lot of phone calls asking the car for sale!

Safe good pranks on cars

A great safe prank to pull on a car is to cover your victim’s car with shaving cream or some other cream that will not damage the car paint. It will make the car hidden and surprise the driver when he is blurring of where he parked his car. The cream can be washed off easily using water! What else to wait? You must know what to be prepared after knowing what to prank with friends.


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