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Volcom car stickers are a type of stickers or decals that incorporate a great philosophy of the times, “youth against establishment”. This is to allow the entire cars lover to have a more creative and imaginative thinking. Volcom was founded in 1991 by Richard Woolcott and Tucker Hall with the goal to create a unique environment. Until today, cars lover uses Volcom designs and decals to create sticker and make a unique car look like some of the pimped out cars to represent uniqueness.

Volcom is a free to join club. The car stickers have become very popular ever since 1991 through the competition organised by Volcom. This competition is to encourage the design and creativity of Volcom brand. Besides, these stickers created by competitors without any help and Volcom encourages all these design to be published and show on MySpace and YouTube.

Some of the car stickers competition organized by Volcom are very enjoyable and cool, some of the tricked out cars join the competition with full of Volcom stickers on the car to show some personality design to the car.

Unique of Volcom car stickers

Every single of the sticker is die-cut, which the stickers are cut from a single roll of vinyl. The vinyl is made of a high-quality material and it will at least last for 5 to 7 years of durability, regardless of which part of the car you stick or anywhere the car is been used, no matter it is spring, summer, autumn or even winter. These sticker are to promote a car team, usually a same car team members’ car will have the same design and it can be either stick on windscreen, rear screen, side windows, or even bumper, it depends on the driver’s preference.

The Volcom sticker was initially used on a skateboard and it has become so famous ever since 1991 until nowadays. It is one of the famous stickers to stick on some of the cool cars or even super exotic sports cars. Some great designer who gets a Cars under 500 dollars with limited budget, they stick the whole car with Volcom sticker without spraying the car and this is another idea of saving cost to paint the car. The idea is not as simple as a piece of sticker but it is to have every car lover to really enjoy playing a motor sport as a team, to have fun with friends, make new friends, and share all the creative ideas.

3 ways to get Volcom sticker

Volcom.com – The official website of Volcom where you can join the club for free and enter the contest.
Try to place any bid at eBay and who knows you will get a good bargain?
PacSun website allows you to get Volcom car stickers and some decals at a reasonable price.


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