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Used car bill of sale


A used car bill of sale served as a contract or a legal document to prove that a used car has been completely sold to the new owner. On the other hand, it also prove that the previous owner has agreed to let go the car at the agreed price, condition, and payment method at the date stated in the bill of sale.

Here we have several example of bill of sale, it is free to download. Some can be used directly to any kind of car deals. You can also modify the car bill of sale accordingly if there are any special conditions.

Sample of bill of sale: car bill of sale printable, car bill of sale (Download car bill of sale in PDF version here for free), print free bill of sale for a car, printable car bill of sale, automobile bill of sale, and vehicle bill of sale (This version of bill of sale is more complete. It has two sections. Section 1 include seller, buyer, and the vehicle information. Section 2 is general information like the date of both parties agrees the deal, and both parties’ signature with the signature of witness).

Printable car bill of sale (Free)

Car bill of sale Car bill of sale
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Many used car sales cases have brought to the court because of unclear promises between seller and buyer. Often these cases are without any black and white agreement like a simple bill of sale. A simple printed car bill of sale definitely can help to establish the terms and agreement between seller and buyer. It protects both parties against fraudulent with valid VIN#, odometer reading (mileage), car model, year, made, sale price, and other important information. Therefore, do not overlook the bill of sale when selling a car or buying a car. In a nutshell, used car bill of sale is an important contract for any kind of car deals.


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