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Unique Red Mini Cooper With Silver Bonnet Stripes


red mini cooper
Just like everyone else, we’d love to see a special Mini Cooper. We love to see how an owner design their own car with unique stuffs so that the car looks different from others. Here we spotted a 1978 Red Mini Cooper MKIII with silver bonnet stripes and a custom made roof decal.
mini cooper mk3
Take a look at the car hood, the owner places a new BMW Mini Cooper emblem instead of a classic Austin or Morris Mini emblems. At the back of the car, there is one British flag decal and a GB stickers. It makes the Mini more “Mini” by adding all these British related decals.
red austin mini cooper
Both front and rear bumpers of the car looks new and shining. Front grill, signal lamp, front lamp, rear lamp and many other parts on this car looks very new too. Notice the Union Jack UK flag side mirror is not the normal type we often see on other Mini cars.
mini cooper interior
Get into the car, one very eye-catching thing is the custom made car seat with Mini Cooper logo on it. Complete in black and red, it makes the car worth every penny. Standard plastic dashboard is chosen on this car. However, the dashboard vinyl has been refurbished from the photo.
mini cooper seat

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mini cooper seat
Without doubt, the owner has spent more money than you can imagine on this car. How many stars you will rate this car if 5 stars is 100%? You are welcome to leave a comment here. Alternatively, you can use our Write For Us page to contact us if you would like to share you car photos or story at MalaysiaMiniLover.com.
red chilli mini cooper


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