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Mini cars

UK car park fun is a term use to describe a group of driver or car lovers having fun in any empty car park with any cars in United Kingdom. The fun can be one day long legal event such as Drift event, time-attack car racing, car wash event with a group of hot car wash girls, classic car show, and many more. It can also be a few days event such as car show, weekend used car sales, weekend new or used car accessories sales, or just couple of people playing around with their cars in the car park.

Car park might be one of the best place to start learn to drive a car but it also a good place to have fun with car. It won’t hurt any other people or other’s property.

One of the very fun gatherings in UK car park is the recent Mini 50th Anniversary. The Mini 50th Anniversary held in Cofton Park, right next to the Longbridge factory in Birmingham, UK where most of the Minis (From Austin 7 MK1 to Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S) in the world were built there. You will never believe that this “mini” event held at Cofton Park has attracted mini lovers all around the world from almost 36 countries such as Australia, Mexico, Japan, America, Chile and Finland to honour the small-mini vehicle.

Fun drifting in car park

This event best to play after rain. Check out the video here, it showing a Nissan Silvia S15 drifting in one of the car park in Edinburgh. (Video has been removed)

Video above here showing a group of people playing around with one of the famous 3 wheel cars, the Carver. They really having a lot of car park fun in Yorkshire. How crazy and fun they are!


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