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Top 10 best selling cars in Malaysia (2011)


Although Thailand and Malaysia are close neighbour, the top 10 best selling cars in Malaysia and top 10 best selling cars in Thailand are totally two different stories. The story different is because the author is different. Different kind of cars needed for different road structure, different usage, and off course, different enjoyment. The 2011 top 10 list here are base on the total number of car sales in 2011.

Perodua Myvi
#1 Perodua Myvi

Still the Myvi from Perodua stands at number 1 best selling cars in Malaysia. The main reason why is because of the car price, it did not too expensive compared to some other car that give the same spacious as what Perodua Myvi gives to consumers. Surveys also show that consumers prefer Myvi because of the design is lovely and sweet compared to some other cheaper car available in Malaysia.

#2 Proton Saga

Proton Saga is the first Malaysian-made car, and it is also a car that has gone through many processes for more than two decades since 1985. Price is one of the major considerations for consumers in Malaysia because with less than RM40,000 Ringgit Malaysia (roughly $12,540 as of Oct 2011), you can get a brand new car in Malaysia.

#3 Perodua Viva

Due to the high car tax in Malaysia, Perodua and Proton has taken up most of the car market in Malaysia. Ever since the Perodua Kancil production stopped, the Viva is the entry level for anyone to own a new car in Malaysia with the new car price at RM24,900 Ringgit Malaysia (roughly $7,810 as of Oct 2011). There is no surprise that with $8,000 US dollars, you can only get a small car to drive.

#4 Proton Persona

Again it is Proton that made up the list. Slightly bigger than the Saga and Myvi, but price also just slightly higher at RM46,499, and that has attracted many people to go for this car.

#5 Produa Alza

Again it is Perodua that made up the top 5 best selling cars in Malaysia. The Alza is one of the only three Perodua cars available in Malaysia. The car price isn’t cheap but it is the cheapest MPV with 7-seater that you can find in Malaysia.

#6 Toyota Vios

As the biggest car manufacturers in the world, it did slip into the top 10 regardless of how high the car taxes it.

#7 Proton Exora

The biggest competitor to Perodua Alza. It is also a cheaper alternative to Perodua Alza, Toyota Wish, or Honda Stream.

#8 Toyota Hilux

The number 1 best selling cars at all time in Thailand has some magical attraction in any kind of way. The reliability and dependability are what makes people fall for this car.

#9 Nissan Grand Livina

With more than 8000 sales, the Nissan Gran Livina made up in the number 9 list.

#10 Honda Insight

Okay, RM99,800 for a hybrid is the first thing that attract Malaysian to fall for this car. Although petrol price in Malaysia is consider relatively cheap compared to Thailand and Singapore, there are still many savvy consumers in Malaysia that would like to look for car with the least fuel consumption. It’s about money, money, money! Price tag at less than RM100,000 would be the reason why people choose the Honda Insight but not the Toyota Prius that with RM139,900 (roughly $43,883).


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