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Tips on purchasing a car


Here we share you tips on purchasing a car and top 10 car buying strategies and tips to get good car deal especially for women. Purchasing a car may seem to be as simple as see it, test drive it, satisfy it, love it, and pay it. There are many intangible takings we can earn from it if we catch the tips and skills when purchasing a new car or used car from any dealer. Among the takings is the extra car accessories you can ask for you dealer for free. Read more to find out!

Tips 1 – Find out the fair price

First of everything is to know what kind of car you want, and then determine the fair market price (see What is a good first car for a teenager). MSRP is one thing that you can ask discount for when buying new car. Get more invoice pricing and free quote request from different dealer, you can then compare and get the lowest price for the same car you want.

Tips 2 – Car loan interest rate

Usually there will be many banks ready to offer you at car dealer shop. It is important to get as low as possible for the car loan rate especially when your loan amount is big. Many new car buyers did not aware of how important it is. Check out how to calculate a monthly car payment.

Tips 3 – Purchase Extra car accessories

If you find few dealers give you the same price for the same car, you can request for extra car accessories. There are actually lot car dealer giving extra accessories as attraction to the potential buyer.

Tips 4 – Get the highest trade-in value

What if the quotation and extra car accessories you get is the same? Here comes another great idea among tips on purchasing a car. Consider about the trade-in value the car dealer offer you. Alternatively, consider to get other quote from dealer that do not sell new car or get a quote from those used car dealer.

Tips 5 – Ask for free extended warranty

It is often that new car dealer rush you and tells you how important it is to extend warranty with a free. Usually extended warranty is not needed especially you are buying a famous brand new car. But you can bargain for free extended warranty.

Tips 6 – Bring a professional with you

Bring someone who have the knowledge about cars and can be trusted. It is important to check out if the car has any major collision, bad accident history, or engine fatal problem. See cars under 1000 dollars, Impounded cars for sale. Consider of a low maintenance car is very important.

Tips 7 – Bargain the price

Used car price range is wider if compared to new car. It depends on seller offer, make sure you have know the market price of the car you looking for base on the make and model year. Check out the blue book (Classic Car Blue Book, Classic car values) if you do not have any idea.

Tips 8 – Calculate the fuel consumption

Buying a used car does not have much information about the fuel consumption like new car, but you will still able to find the answer online. Check out how much per mile does it cost to drive a car.

Tips 9 – Get cheap car insurance

Many people do not aware that car insurance can be a big save no matter is new or used car. Different car insurance company give different quote, you should use competition to your advantage. Read more about: What is comprehensive car insurance, Car insurance student UK, Temporary UK car insurance.

Tips 10 – Avoid car buying scams

This is not a tip, but is a caution! There are many internet website is scams! They usually tell you to pay deposit and tell you they will send the car to your country in few weeks. NEVER PAY TO ANYONE YOU DO NOT KNOW from the internet or just through email. You may end up with nothing.

Purchasing a car can be a daunting task especially for those who are first time. However, it is just an easy job as long as you can catch all tips when purchasing a car.
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