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Tips on buying a car


Here we share you tips on buying acarand top 10car buying strategiesas well as tips to get cheap car deal especially for girls. Buying any new or used cars require some studies before you make your down payment to book any cars that really suitable for you. Unlike buying vegetables from market which you only have to make sure the vegetable is fresh. Buying a car is considered as a big purchase and there are many things to be aware.

Tips 1 – Buy at reasonable price

Car dealers and private sellers usually mark up the car price a little bit so that they can have a good profit for themselves. This profit sometimes can up to 20% and it is to pay commission to the salesman. Therefore, search from internet the average price of the car that you wish to buy and negotiate with the seller. Never buy a car at the published price.

Tips 2 – Hidden cost from car loan

If the dealer give you a very good price that lower than others did, do not over excited and forget to check out the APR they offer you. Some dealer will offer you cheap car price but high car loan APR. Always keep in mind that you should get cheap car price and low APR for the car loan.

Tips 3 – Buying car with low APR

Prepare your credit score and good credit history before you walk in to any car showroom. Show them you have at least 680 credit score or above to get good APR. If you are student and first time buying a car, show them some good student results from your school.

Tips 4 – Old car trade-in value

The trade-in value of your old car is another consideration besides car loan APR and new car price negotiation. You will have to roughly know what the market price of your old car is and do not let car dealer buy away your car at low price.

Tips 5 – Get more new car extended warranty quotes

This is one of the great tips on buying a car. Online auto website usually gives more offers than dealers. You are able to get up to 60% discount more than dealers by just sitting in front or your computers! See also: Tips on purchasing a carCar buying secrets, Buying a used car checklist, Top 10 negotiating tips for used car buying, Used cars to avoid.

Tips 6 – Ask for extra car accessories

Most of the car dealer marks up the price as the profit for salesman incentive. Therefore you can ask for some extra car accessories like changing the seat to full leather, free windshield tinted, or free bodykits if the car price remains the same. Most of the time salesman will do it. If they make $1000 for the car and only spend $300 to give you free tinted, they still make $700 incentive for the deal.

Tips 7 – First time buyer

This is the tips for first time buyer. You will need to prepare all needed document to make the deal go smooth. The documents are monthly income of at least $1600, address of the place you live for at least 6 months, work in the same company for 6 months, no bad credit history (see Bad credit car loans), good credit score at least 680 and above, or good student records. You are able to get good interest rate that around 3-4% and also cheap car insurance with all these documents.

Tips 8 – Buying cars with low fuel consumption

Pick up a copy of consumer reports from any automobile authority, automobile magazine or automobile related websites. Determine which car size is best for your needs and choose the lowest fuel consumption cars.

Tips 9 – Cheap car insurance quote

Insurance is a huge save when you buying a new or used car. Do not overlook it could end up over ten thousands in first few years. Get more car insurance quote online easily and choose the best for you. Read more about: What is comprehensive car insurance,Car insurance student UK,Temporary UK car insurance.

Tips 10 – Avoid car buying scams

Avoid cars without proper VIN number or without proper document if you suspect it is a stolen car. Avoid used car without good service history, with salvage title, mismatched body colors and among others. There are many car buying scams online, DO NOT pay in advance until you see the car and confirm what you are paying for. That’s all the tips on buying a car.
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