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Three Recommended iPad Car Stand


Here are some of the reviews for the best top three recommended iPad car stand voted by our readers as well as the cheapest iPad car stand you can find in the market. Some car stands are equipped with extremely high technology functions such build-in charger which can charge your iPad through the 12v connector. On the other hand, some car stands can just work as what it should be as a car stand, which simple holds the iPad during any car journey.

iPad Car Stand

RAM Vehicle Seat-Mate™ Mount with Non-Locking Cradle for the Apple iPad & iPad 2

RAM mounts has always been the leader in making mounts for any kind of things, including one of the most popular iPad today. And yes, you know what a RAM is and how strong it is. The RAM Vehicle Seat-Mate™ Mount suitable for the Apple iPad and iPad2. It holds the iPad amazingly strong during your car trip. What is good is no drills job are require fitting this product. The design of this car stand is truly an innovation and is able to hold onto the car seat and stabilize itself. You can get this product for $158.52 at RAM Mount official websites. It fits all the iPad without any skin or any kind of case.

ARKON iPad Car Mount

People always said, money can buy most of the best things in life. However, sometimes you don’t have to use a lot of money to buy the best thing in life. Here you can get one of the best iPad car stands with just $39.95. Arkon’s car stand for iPad (IPM-FSM) and iPad 2 (IPM2-FSM) include a custom fit holder. It also has an 18” flexible aluminum pedestal to attach to car seat’s rail bolt, which make it stand firm and hold the iPad strongly. This type of car stand features swivel ball which can rotate 360 degree for better view.

Snugg iPad 2 Car Headrest Mount Holder

Most of the people who own luxury full-size cars don’t drive themselves, they usually have chauffeur. Here is the greatest and best car mount in this situation. The Snugg iPad 2 Car headrest mount holder is made in leather and can mount the iPad to the back headrest of both front car seats. The headrest mounting straps are fully adjustable and it has full access to all ports and connections. It is simply the best for any CEO or business owner who always sits at the back of the car.

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Well, other than the top three shared here, there are still many cheap and reliable iPad car stands or car mounts ranging from $35 to $100. Besides, if you prefer just the simplest car mounts with a rubber suction that can hold your iPad through the windscreen, you can always get the cheapest one from the market for less than $10 dollar. Mostly, these car stands are those made inChina, but it is the cheapest iPad car stands in the market.


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