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Things you can do with used car parts


nice sofa with automotive theme
Everyone knows cars are made out of high quality steels and materials especially car body, engines, and some major mechanical parts. Used car parts are often sold to recycle factory whenever they are not functioning anymore. However, there are some creative people out there make good use of used car parts and turn them into really useful yet practical things in our life. I wouldn’t sell my four-cylinder engine for just $30 dollars if I have seen these photos before.

Need a coffee shop but rentals are too high? Why not do this?
Mini coffee store

Jimmy is enjoying barbeque at his garden. His dad came out of sudden and ask “Anyone seen my BBS wheel?”
Rims barbeque

Couldn’t find a suitable table from furniture store? Why not try this?
engine table

You will never waste a V8 engine because it has eight cylinder. Good for wine storage!
engine coffee table

What about a nice and attractive sofa from the classic Volkswagen Beetle?
Furniture from used car parts

Most Mini enthusiasts love round-nose more than Mini Clubman, so this guy from has turned his Clubman into his office desk!
Mini Clubman office desk

V8 engine is one of the most powerful and most expensive to buy. So don’t waste it! Turn the piston into a cup holder. Some people treat used car parts as rubbish while some turn them into really nice stuffs.
V8 engine table

Volkswagen Pool table
This is a good pool table that you don’t find it else where. Why? The pool table is with an engine!

Ford Mustang Pool Table
If you don’t like Volkswagen Combi pool table, you may use Ford Mustang to make one.

Volkswagen bar
Volkswagen van can sometime turn into a bar too.

mini cooper table
A really nice Mini Cooper office table.


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