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The Little Book of MINI


“The Little Book of MINI” is now available in most of the bookstore. It is a package that comes with a book and a DVD “The Ultimate History of THE MINI”. This is a fantastic Book and DVD Gift Pack that celebrating the history of the Mini as well as 50th years anniversary.

This little Book of MINI is by Brian Laban. The Book is a 128 page hardback book charting the history of one of the most popular small cars in the World. Charing the birth of the Mini as an answer to a crisis, The Little Book of Mini is a fascinating story that includes its rise in popularity with both ordinary people and the rich and famous!

The running time is 76 minutes for The Ultimate history of the MINI DVD. The DVD tells the story of the small car that became one of the giants in automobile history. Using a mix of exclusively shot footage and incredible archive material, much of which will never have been seen before, this programme charts the rise and rise of one of Britain’s best loved cars.

Yes, it is selling GUGP 5766 and RRP pound 14.99. by Green Umbrella Publishing. The ISBN is 1-905009-23-2. Good luck in owning one of the MINI collection!


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