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Red Mini Moke That Looks Spicy

A reader of MalaysiaMiniLover sent us a few photos of a red hot Mini Moke. This Mini Moke looks very spicy because of the chilli red exterior. Far away, you can clearly see the car is fitted with 13 x 7 minilite sport wheels. It makes the car looks bigger and feel more stable on the ground. According to the owner, doing a complete colour change cost him a lot. It is also very time-consuming and a real hassle to rebuild the whole car.

Mini Moke was built in between 1964 …

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Fourteen Seater Mini Moke

The legendary BMC Mini Moke is always a fun car to customize due to its unique appearance – roof-less, door-less, and small-size jeep style but impractical to go off-road. Here we spotted a fourteen-seater six-wheeled Mini Moke somewhere on earth. Pictures are provided and it doesn’t really matter where it is right?
The owner customizes the car with six 13” x 7” Minilite wheels and fourteen yellow plastic seats. The use of plastic seats is to deal with the rain water. Plastic seats are water proof and it is easy to …