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If you want vehicles that emphasize value and affordability, Suzuki cars often is one of the best choices for you.

Suzuki (Suzuki Motor Corporation orスズキ株式会社 in Japanese), being number ninth world’s largest automobile manufacturer (as of 2009, see also car manufacturer statistic), is another Japanese automakers name that you will definitely think of when buying new cars, used cars, or motorcycles. Suzuki’s lineup includes sedans, wagons, SUVs, motorcycles, marine engines, and other small internal combustion engines.

Suzuki Cars

Suzuki Company established in 1909 by Michio Suzuki as Suzuki Loom Works. Before World War, the company focus on building weaving machines and until 1930s, Michio Suzuki decided to build a small car instead of just loom machines. However, World War II has halted Michio’s dream until 1950s, the Japanese market had a great need for reliable yet affordable car due to the economy crisis.

The first Suzuki car was the Suzulight, a compact front-wheel-drive car that has ultra lightweight with 360 cc 2-stroke engine. The car ushers in Japan’s light-weight car age. The company expanded its lineup by introducing the Suzuki Carry in 1961, and Suzuki Fronte 800 in 1965.

In 1970, Suzuki introduced the 4×4 Jimmy, a very successful line of SUVs from Suzuki that still running until today. Later on the company expanded to Canada, North America, UK, and India market with more Suzuki cars like Suzuki Alto, Suzuki LJ80, and Suzuki Cervo.

Why buy Suzuki Cars?

Since the 80s, we are able to see more Suzuki cars with great value such as the Suzuki Cultus (Suzuki Swift), Suzuki Samurai, and the Suzuki Sidekick. Although their models are not a lot compared to some other carmaker, there are still over 2 million units of Suzuki were sold in 2009. It has proved the car offer great value especially for people on tight budget.

Famous Suzuki Cars

Over the years, Suzuki had built many famous and reliable cars include the Suzuki SX4, Suzuki XL7, Suzuki Swift, X90, Suzuki Grand Vitara, Suzuki Equator, Suzuki Forenza, and some other famous Suzuki ATV and motorcycles.

Suzuki concept cars include the Suzuki Kizashi and Maruti Suzuki R3.

Suzuki is the second largest manufacturer of small cars in Japan and it is one of the biggest competitors to Toyota cars, Honda cars, Nissan cars, Ford Cars, GMC Cars, Volkswagen Cars, and Hyundai Cars.

Today, Suzuki cars are best for anyone who is looking for great value cars. Suzuki, Way of Life!


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