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Solar Car Battery Charger


Here is some of the most honest review for solar car battery charger as well as the information of where you can find solar car battery charger for sales at cheap price. This article will list the best top 5 solar charger for car batteries and you can read the review as well as compare price for these car battery charger.

Well, there are many types of solar charger available for sale in the market from as low as 1 Volt to 50 Volts. It depends on your purpose. Most of the system in car is running 12 V. Therefore you have to make sure you choose the right solar charger. If you would like to make a project car that uses solar power to charge your lead-acid car battery, you will have to choose a charger that is able to produce 12 volts to 14 volts. Lead-acid do not accept fast charging thus you can’t get a big solar car battery charger that has high output. It will only damage the car battery. See also: Solar cars of the future.

Although there are many types and different brand of solar charger for car batteries but all the functions are basically the same, they just use to charge the battery! There are many advantages of using solar panel to charge your car battery such as zero maintenance and easy-to-fit. It is one of the best car accessories for people who use car in tropical country that has sunlight at most of the time.

Top 4 solar car battery charger

Here is the top four best solar charger for car battery available for sale in the market that are reliable to use and cheap to buy.

1. Wagan 2017 Solar car battery Charger

The Wagan 2017 is considered as the simplest solar charger and it can be used for any kind of cars. It connects the car’s 12 volt DC socket and the solar panel can be left on the dash to receive sunlight. No worries about the windshield because the solar panel is made of mono-crystalline cells that are highly efficient. It is available for sale for $29.95.

2. Sunsei SE-150 Solar charger

The Sunsei SE-150 solar charger can simply connect and charge your car battery via cigarette adaptor or direct to the car battery using crocodile clips. The battery gets charged whenever there is sunlight during your drive. We recommend the SE-150 because it is suitable to charge a 12 V car battery. The charger has a 2.5 watts and uses 0.2 A current. It weighs only around 400 g and best to place onto the car dashboard.

3. ICP Sunsei SE-500 Solar charger

The Sunsei SE-500 is a 7.5 watt charger and able to maintain battery in a larger car such as vans, pickups, minvan, or trucks. It is design with latest technology and will not overcharge the car battery.

4. Sunforce Solar Battery Chargers

The Sunforce solar battery charger is a 1.8 watt solar battery maintainer. It is good to charge a 12 v battery and nothing beat this is the price. You can basically get the Sunforce solar charger for less than $25 dollars.

In conclusion, anyone is encouraged to use of solar power because sunlight is a free resource and environment friendly.


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