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Here is your delicious A-list of slot car tracks for 1/24, 1/32 slot cars, 1/43 Chinese sets, digital slot cars, analog slot cars, SCX slot cars, Carrera slot cars, and Scalextric slot cars. Digital slot car race tracks are different with analog car race tracks. If you own a few great slot cars, you should have put these cars race in different kind of race tracks to see the exact performance of the cars.

If you are new to slot cars, the easiest way to get a race car track is to choose from famous brand such as Tomy AFX, Life-Like, and Tyco or Mattel. Aurora Model Motoring (MM) is also a good start although they are no longer manufactured.

Basic slot car tracks

We recommend Tomy AFX, Life-Like, and Tyco. Some of the basic race tracks available including the 3” straight track, 5” straight track, 6” straight track, 7” straight track, 9” straight track, 15” straight track, Radius Hairpin track, Radius Turn track, Radius Banking, 9” Intersection, Terminal Track, 9” HO Train Crossing. Straight slot car race track is usually good for slot car drag racing just like gone in 60 seconds. Race track with lots of turns and intersection is good for modified HO slot cars.

A good place to look for Aurora Model Motoring track is to browse through eBay or Amazon. There are some large hobby stores still keeping the stock and selling it.

Customized slot car tracks layouts

You can always customize a race tracks to make the race more thrilled and excited. For example, an 80 ft Scalextric slot car tracks. Prepare an 8 ft by 22 ft table, Ninco variable track power supply, and Parma 45 Ohm track controllers. Create some mountains to make the race even more agitated using extruded foam. Other than that, make some tress and underbrush will make any slot car tracks more realistic.

slot car track


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