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From Škoda Yeti to Škoda Octavia, Škoda cars are always an alternative to Audi, VW, or Toyota. This is because Škoda cars are tough, reliable, and economical.

Škoda (Škoda Auto) was founded by Vaclav Laurin and Vaclav Klement in 1895. This Czech Replublic-base company is currently a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen Group since 2000.

Škoda logo

Škoda logo

In early time, Škoda is a company manufacture bicycles just like some other long-established car manufacturers. In 1898, Škoda moved on to built motorcyclette, engines, and then manufacturer trucks in 1920s.

Škoda automobile from 1900s until 1920s was known as Laurin & Klement. In 1945, the first Škoda car was built after World War II ends. Some of the notable Škoda cars during that time are the 1101 sereies, Škoda 440 Spartak, Škoda 445 Octavia, Škoda Felicia, and Škoda 1000 MB.

Current Škoda Cars

  • Škoda Yeti (2009) – Škoda Yeti is a mini SUV.
  • Škoda Octavia (1996 – present) – Two four-wheel drive version of the Octavia: Škoda Octavia 4×4 and Škoda Octavia Scout. Škoda is Octavia also known as Škoda Laura.
  • Škoda Superb (2001 – present)
  • Škoda Fabia (1999 – 2007) – Range starts from Škoda Fabia 1.0 8v Classic to Škoda Fabia vRS.
  • Škoda Roomster (2006 – present) – Škoda Roomster is also known as Škoda Praktik.

Over the century, this long-established car brand had built many significant cars such other than some of the listed above, for example Škoda 1202, Škoda Felicia, Škoda Coches, Škoda Garde, Škoda Rapid, Škoda Favorit, Škoda S110R Coupé, and many more.

Today, Škoda is famous and available for sales in UK, Europe, US, India, and some other countries in Asia. Škoda parts are available for sale through Škoda dealers almost everywhere. With over half a million Škoda cars were sold each year since 2006, we foresee that Škoda will definitely introduced better cars for tomorrow.


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