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Although new Saturn cars are no longer available, there are still plenty of previous Saturn models available for sale as used cars that worth for some people to look for.

Saturn, it is the sixth planet from the Sun, it is the Roman god, and it is also a different kind of car company brand that founded in 1985 and defunct on October 31, 2010. It was a sub brand of General Motors (GM) to promote small-car and it has a good journey during over the two decades.

Saturn Logo

Saturn logo

The first series of Saturn cars was the Saturn S-Series. The production started in 1991 and ended in 2002 when Saturn introduced the brand new Saturn Ion as new generation of their compact cars. In 2000 Millennium year, Saturn introduced the Saturn L-Series and it was replace by the Saturn Aura in 2007.

In 2009, Saturn’s sale falls through. What we can imagine is the profit couldn’t cover the cost because everything at Saturn is new including the car, the plant, the workforce, the dealer network, and the manufacturing process (The Wall Street Journal).

History and Models

  • Saturn Sky (2007 – 2009) – The only sports cars you can find from Saturn marque. Saturn Sky is also known as Opel GT or Daewoo G2X.
  • Saturn Vue (2002 – 2009) – It is known as Captiva Sport now and it also available as hybrid cars.
  • Saturn Ion (2003 – 2007) – The Saturn Ion is one of the unforgettable Saturn cars.
  • Saturn Outlook (2007 – 2010) – Saturn Crossover SUV.
  • Saturn Aura (2007 – 2009) – If you look for Saturn Aura’s successor, try Buick Regal.
  • Saturn Astra – It is now the Opel Astra.

Saturn did not build many models during its short lifetime in automobile industry. Besides the listed car models above, there are some other notable Saturn cars like Saturn Ion Red Line edition and Saturn Relay as the only Minivan model for Saturn.

Today, many question like what are Saturn car facts? Will Saturn shut down their car line? What did Saturn do for GM reorganization has got an answer, GM had shuts down Saturn. However, although Saturn cars and Saturn dealers are no longer available, Saturn owner can still get Saturn parts and Saturn accessories through any GM dealers.


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