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Restorable muscle cars for sale


Here is the list of cheap muscle cars for sale. It is cheap to buy, restorable, and you definitely enjoy driving after it has been restored. You can also upload any muscle cars if you have one for sale or spotted any cars on the road. Here we also share the pros and cons of buying a muscle car and restore it. Sometimes it requires a lot of money that you can imagine.

In some kind of situation, buying a fully restored muscle car is worth more than buying a piece of junk body and then restores it. However, check out the advantages and disadvantages here before you made your decision.

Advantages of buying restorable muscle cars

There are many restorable muscle cars available for sale in the market. You can find it through online advertisement, car trader magazine, or any local newspaper. It is easier to obtain compared to restored muscle cars.

One of the biggest advantages is it is very cheap to buy. You can find it in cars under 500 dollars list if you are lucky. However, be prepared at least $3,000 for a restorable muscle car.

Off course, you enjoy the process of restoring it. Not everyone stand the chance to see the process to restore a 1969 Buick Riviera or 1974 Dodge Challenger.

Disadvantages of buying restorable muscle cars

Muscle car parts are not so easy to obtain. It is not available for sale at any car accessories shop. Sometimes it takes month just to get one part and all other jobs have to stop just to wait for this part.

It is expensive to restore! To restore a car it requires labor costs, painting costs, costs to rebuild the engine, car body work, cost to buy car parts and car accessories. A to Z, it is expensive!

1. 1967 Chevrolet Camaro – The car come with all original equipment, 327 3 speed manual, 10 Bolt Rearand. It is a good project to run. This car requires some rust repair and selling at $8,500.
2. 1968 Pontiac GTO – One of the most sought-after muscle cars. This car has got no engine and no transmission, just an empty car body waiting to restore. Selling at $1800.
3. 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS – This car come with bucket seats, special racing dashboard for lockout reverse. It is 409 car with a 327 four-speed transmission. Floor pans and trunk pans need to repair. Selling at $3,000.
4. 1963 Buick Convertible – All original and it were in running condition previously. It comes with bucket seats and a V8, all go for $4,200.
5. 1971 Plymouth Duster – Mininal rust and very good for restore project. Selling $4,700 without trans and motor.
6. 1966 Dodge Coronet – One of the most beautiful and wanted ‘60s American muscle cars.
7. 1967 Dodge Dart GT – All original with a V8 engine. It is restorable and potential for any drift project. The car needs trunk pan and selling at $2,400.

In conclusion, restoring a muscle car is a very special progress because it no longer available for sale as a new car. The value and price for muscle cars will always be there. Please email us if you have any restorable muscle cars for sale and you wish to list it here.


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