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Pranks to pull on a car


Pranks to pull on a car can make our life funny and humorous, especially harmless car prank. A prank could bring a very happy and good memory to friends especially during special occasion, in school, college, University, or even in a working environment. Make sure it is a good car prank or else car revenge pranks could anytime happen back to you. A simple guide is recommending here on how to pull a car prank to your friend’s car harmlessly.

5 best ideas to pull a car prank

Idea 1:
When your victim is not around, steal the car key and drive it out park to somewhere else. Swap the car with any cars under 500 dollars or any junk car, bang up the car and smash up everything or even turn the car up side down until your victim could not recognize it, park it back to your victim’s car park. What you have to do next is wait to watch and laugh.

Idea 2:
This is one of the great car pranks among so many ideas. A very simple car prank is to put a balloon on the exhaust pipe and tape it all around. When the victim starts the car, the balloon will fills up, and it will boom!

Idea 3:
This is an immediate effective idea. Get a real heavy dark axle grease from any hardware shop. Here you can smear a bunch of the axle grease on the underside of the car door handle, which is very sticky. It is very hard to remove heavy dark axle grease from hand, the victim will not want to get in the car and drive away.

Idea 4:
Get a small tuna fish can, make a small hole in the lid and hide it somewhere in the car (Under the driver seat or passenger seat). After few days the tuna will start to smell worse and worse when the days go by.

Idea 5:
A very brilliant yet very funny car prank is fasten 3 missile balloons to the car, when the victims drive the car he will drive it crazily. It brings a lot of funny and not only prank to the car driver, it pranks to other road users as well. Well, isn’t this sounds a little bit like evil car pranks?

Pranks to pull on a car is actually stress relieving, it is truly cheaper than therapy! It makes anyone release their stress and turn the stress to laughter, bring happiness to life when we can just simply use one of harmless car pranks idea, why not?

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