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Police Impound Cars Sales


Every week or ever month there are police impound cars sales and these impound cars for sale from police are often is a good chance for anyone to buy cheap cars. Impounded cars are the best place to search for cheap cars. Here we share you the steps on how to buy police impounded cars as well as tips to look for the car you want with the best price.

Police impound cars sales include cars abandoned by owners, cars violate the traffic rules or state law and owner did not intend to keep the car, cars did not pay state tax or seized cars from the custom where owner try not to pay import tax. The government or police department has the right to sell these cars to the public at cheaper price rather than keeping these cars in police station garage.

Police impound cars or seized cars for sale are usually in fairly good condition and low mileage because they have been sitting in the garage for a certain period of time. Some used car dealer tender and buy these cars and sell it to end user. Therefore, if you know how to buy police impounded cars, it will help you save a lot of money.

How to buy police impound cars?

Contact local police department or local government agencies to find out the car sales date as well as location of the car sales. Other than police departments, banks or financial institutions are good place to check out the car sales information and details. Sometimes police impounded car auctions will be listed in local newspaper as well.

An easy way to find out the details is go check on the internet. Gov-auction.org is the easiest way to get the details. However, some websites is selling the auction information with the list of impounded cars for sale and this information are usually in between $30-50 with money back guarantee.

Now you already know where and when will be the sales, you have to find out the market price for the car you wish to buy. Study more before you go for the auction so that you can get the best deal. Depending on the model you want, some impounded cars are not cheap although at most time police impound cars are cheaper.


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