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Perodua cars are best known in making Kei car and small cars. Perodua is best suitable for consumers who would like to have a car as transport rather than taking the public transport to school, work, or shopping.

Perodua is second largest car maker in Malaysia after Proton. It was founded in 1993. In Malay language, Perodua is acronym for PERusahaan Otomobil KeDUA Sendirian Berhad, meaning Second Automobile Manufactuere Private Limited. Perodua is a huge success for automobile industry in Malaysia after Proton.

Perodua Malaysia is currently the largest superminis manufacuturer in Malaysia. There are some famous car marque are shareholders of Perodua such as UMW Toyota, Daihatsu, and Mitsubishi. You can see a Perodua car every minute if you stand at a busy street in Malaysia, especially the Perodua Myvi.

Perodua gained immediate success in Malaysia with the launching of Perodua Kancil in 1994. Small, inexpensive, and low fuel consumption car is what Malaysian wants during that time.

Significant Perodua Cars Models

Here is the list of Perodua car models. (Some of the mentioned cars are not in this list.)

  • Perodua Alza (2009 – present) – Perodua Alza is the only Perodua MPV introduced in 2009 as an ideal car for small family. It was adapted from Daihaitsu Boon Luminas and Toyota Passo Sette.
  • Perodua Viva (2007 – present)
  • Perodua Myvi (2005 – present) – Currently, the Myvi is one of the Perodua model that has good sales due to the price and performance.
  • Perodua Kancil (1994 – 2009) – Perodua Kancil is the first Perodua models in 1990s. It was the best selling Perodua cars in Malaysia until the sales replaced with Myvi in 2005. Perodua Kancil is also known as Perodua Nippa.

Over the decades, Perodua sales in Malaysia have keep on increasing. Many Perodua cars are still highly demand by consumers as used cars although the production has stopped. Some notable models are Perodua Rusa (1996 – 1998), Perodua Kembara (1998 – 2008), Perodua Kenari (2000 – 2008), Perodua Kelisa (2001 – 2007).

From Perodua Kancil to Perodua Alza, Perodua has successfully expanded from Malaysia to UK, Singapore, Mauritius, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Cyprus, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and among others. If you would like to know more about Perodua cars, just logon to www.Perodua.com.my to checkout the latest Perodua cars for sale.


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