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pencil drawings car
Pencil drawings car is not accurate in English grammar, it should be pencil drawn cars. Pencil drawn cars pictures, images, how to draw cars, cool drawing, andcartoon carscan be found here for free! Other than that, you can also find some cool car drawing of classic cars, concept cars, muscle cars, and also some of the very cool sports cars. Less talking, let’s start what you are looking for!

Check out some of the very interesting information about drawing a car simply using a pencil. Nice drawings can be done with a mechanical pencil, finer pencil, or any other pencil. Some of the sample we shown here is using a B lead because it has softer lead and easier for beginner.

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Car drawings video with pencil

The video below here show how to draw a BMW 6 Series from scratch. The video has been fastening but it is a very good learning.

Step 1 – Drawing the cool wheels

It started with drawing the 2 circles as the car wheel, the bigger circle is the front wheel where the smaller circle as the rear wheel. The artist then expands the car drawing by sketch out the car roof as well as the cool yet fierce BMW headlamp.

Step 2 – Drawing the car body and shape

Second step is to draw the “face” of the car. Here you can design your own custom car by adding any special parts you wish to the car. Video here show how to draw the BMW bumper in some easy way as well as place the BMW logo to the drawing.

Step 3 – Complete the pencil car drawings

Now is to complete the car by darken the sketch line you draw in step 1. You can follow the video here by adding a 5 spoke to the wheel as well as tires, disc brake calipers, disc brake to make it look nice like any pimped out cars. Last but no least, sign your name to your drawing!


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