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Paris Hilton and Michael Schumacher ride my Mini Cooper


Paris Hilton Michael Schumacher in Mini Cooper

It is true or is it just a dream? Paris Hilton and Michael Schumacher are riding in my Mini Cooper? It happens yesterday when I was driving my car heading to California. Paris Hilton was sexily standing beside the highway waving her hand to me. I stopped the car. She smiled brightly and asked if I can give her a ride. “Of course, it’s my pleasure Paris”, I said. When we were on our way heading to California, another odd thing happened. The seven-time Formula One World Champion Michael Schumacher is waving his hand to me. Again I stopped the car. He walked to my window and asked if he can join the ride. Then, three of us, Paris, Michael, and me are heading to California. We sang and chit chats on our way. That was a happy day. Sadly, there is no scene of Paris Hilton getting out of the car but she did say “I love your car!” What a dream! Both superstars are in my car!

This article is submitted by MalaysiaMiniLover reader, Ba Liong Gam from Chicago.


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