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Nissan 180SX for sale


Nissan 180SX for sale in Malaysia. The car is located at USJ3 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. Cheap, reliable, good looking sports cars in Malaysia that able to make you as cool as the transporter 2 Lamborghini, it is most of drifters’ dream car.

It is my friend’s wife’s car, thus the condition can be imagined as a women’s 180sx. Let’s direct talk about the detail of the car. It is imported from Brunei through local AP to Malaysia. My friend’s wife is a Bruneian, she married here and bring over the car in 1999 through personal AP.

Nissan 180SX

nissan 180sx

  • Make: Nissan
  • Model: RPS13
  • Engine: SR20DET Turbo auto transmission
  • Displacement: 2000cc
  • Manufactured: 1993 in Japan
  • Mileage on meter: 175608
  • Registered: 1999 in Malaysia
  • No of Geran owner: Only 1
  • Exterior: Metallic Red
  • Wheels: 17” 5Dizen front and back
  • Interior: Original 180sx dashboard, 240KM meter, Digital air-condition controller, Apexi turbo timer, Alpine cassette player, Original Nissan steering.
  • Price: SOLD US$
  • Roadtax: RM379 a year
  • Location: SOLD

The whole car is basically original since it comes out from Nissan factory back in 1993. The engine has been transplant to SR20DET auto transmission few years back. The mileage on meter showing 175000+km is since it was new. 10 years car in Malaysia, women use so sadly it is an auto transmission, but it can be convert to manual gear box easily as the engine is in very good condition, silent when start it.

What’s good on the car?

  • Good body, no major accident.
  • Drift virgin, see the car color you already know it is stil in red.
  • Original and you can customize your own car.
  • Silent engine and low mileage.
  • Nice and clean original interior
  • JPJ Malaysia has been approve for everything.

What’s not that good on the car?

  • The rear of the car (place to put spare tires) has been jacked up wrongly by a stupid mechanic and cause it bulge. (You can clear see in the picture below)
  • Rear wheel on the right having small scratches due to his wife parking skills.
  • Ugly bumper (No offense, personal opinion).

If a perfect Nissan 180sx is rated at 10/10, this car would get 7/10.

The pictures below have a great explanation for the car, no time waster. For serious cash buyer, please contact:
red color nissan 180sx
nissan 180sx rear view
nissan 180sx engine bay
nissan 180sx chassis number
nissan 180sx rear boot
nissan 180sx interior
nissan 180sx dashboard
nissan 180sx dashboard meter
nissan 180sx dashboard
nissan 180sx exhaust
nissan 180sx wheels
nissan 180sx wheels
nissan 180sx roadtax


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