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Muscle Car TV or better known as MuscleCar TV is a very good TV program that shows you how to rebuild muscle cars and also tell you the information and history about these cars. We do learn the process of building a restorable muscle car as well as the story rather than just showing off how shinning the car wheels are, how stunning the car paint is, and how powerful the V8 engine is.

You can watch Muscle Car TV show on Spike channel every Sunday at 12:30pm. What make the show very special are the two hosts Tommy and Chris. They are funny, knowledgeable, and explain very well in every detail about any muscle cars they rebuild. Why we say special because MuscleCar show you how to mix your own custom paint color to customize your own car in every possible way.

Other than that, MuscleCar TV show you how and where to find cheap used muscle car parts to rebuild and share you what are the correct tools to perform certain task. Make sure you don’t miss this TV show if you love muscle cars. Find restorable muscle cars for sale if you addicted to the process of restoring a muscle car.

MuscleCar TV hosts

  • Lou Santiago and Jared Zimmerman
  • Lou Santiago and Rick Bacon
  • Rick Bacon and Brent Buttrey
  • Rick Bacon and Tommy Boshers
  • Tommy Boshers and Chris

Make sure you go check out some of the craziest modified muscle cars like the 1971 Javelin AMX, Ford Mustang, Pontiac GTO, Plymouth Barracuda, and many more. Stay tune at Muscle Car TV!


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