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Most expensive exotic car crash made up by eight Ferraris, a Lamborghini, and three Mercedes


People who love cars must step into Japan once in a life time for sure to see all the exotic cars and how car enthusiasts rape their cars. Yesterday, 14 exotic cars destroyed and crashed in Japan motorway pileup, marking the most expensive exotic car crash in history with eight Ferraris, a Lamborghini, three Mercedez-Benz, a Toyota Prius, and possible a Nissan Skyline. The estimated total cost involved in the crash worth more than a million dollar.

In Japan, most of the Ferrari cost more than US$100,000 except older Ferrari 550 Maranello or Ferrari Testarossa. With eight Ferraris crash together, the combined value is already more than a million dollar excluding the Lamborghini and three Mercedes. Base on the pictures we can see from AP and video from NTV, some of the Ferraris can said to have total loss. The amount for the damage is yet uncountable.

How could this happen? The exotic drivers were actually heading to Kyushu from Hiroshima and this was supposed to be a perfect exotic car convey. However, one of the Ferrari drivers, a 60-year-old man tried to change the lanes he is driving and hit the median barrier. Other Ferraris that follow from behind apply the brakes immediately and some other cars tried to avoid but things were happened too fast. Cars behind collided when trying to avoid hitting the first Ferrari, end up a tragedy for exotic car enthusiasts.

Reports said that one witness told the news that they were speeding and end up they were gathered together in a mess. It took six hours for traffic police to clean up the mess. There is not much of information from Police in Yamaguch. However, from the pictures and video, it is roughly a Ferrari F360, F512, F355s, and a F430 Scuderia.

Mitsuyoshi Isejima, an executive officer for Yamaguchi prefecture expressway told Bloomberg, “It was a gathering of narcissists”.



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