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Mini parts for sale: Windscreen Chrome Fillet


Mini parts for sale:Windscreen Chrome Fillet
Price: RM50 (US$16/each)
Location:Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Windscreen Chrome Fillet is one of the cheapest mini parts to fit to your Mini or some classic cars to make it look brighter at the front as well as at the rear. The windscreen chrome fillet can be fitted to either front or rear, or both. Eventually front is longer and rear is shorter but you can cut it to fit into the car windscreen.

Product description

  • High quality plastic chrome fillet.
  • Fits in the windscreen and backlight rubbers of all Mini cars.
  • A special tool called “Windscreen Fillet Tool” is needed to perform the task.
  • Suggest adding on to your car whenever you change the rubber or paint a new color to your car.
  • Some called it Locking Strip Chrome Windscreen Seals, some called it Windscreen Seals, some called it Windscreen Locking Strip, some called it Locking Strip Windscreen, some called it Chrome Fillet Strip, some called it Windscreen Fillet Silver Strip, it’s all the same thing.

Windscreen Chrome Fillet Pictures

Mini Windscreen Chrome Fillet

Mini with and without windscreen chrome fillet
The car on the left in the picture is without the windscreen chrome fillet and the car on the right is with it. Isn’t it a small accessories that make a big difference to the car?

How can I buy this product?

Email us toMalaysiaMiniLover@gmail.comto place your order for Windscreen Chrome Fillet or check out Mini parts for salefor some other parts you need.


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