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Mini parts for sale: Stainless Steel Wiper Kit


Mini parts for sale: Stainless Steel Wiper Set / Stainless Steel Wiper Kit (Chrome)
Price: RM320 (US$110) for one set. Made in UK
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Delivery: Worldwide

The stainless steel wiper kit is one of the MUST BUY mini parts if you love brightwork kit for your car. A little effort spent will make the car front look totally different. This complete stainless steel or chrome wiper set is only for Right-Hand-Drive (RHD) Mini cars from Mini MK3 or 1970 onwards. It’s all in stainless steel and will definitely make your Mini look brighter than others.

Product description

  • 2 x High quality stainless steel 10” wiper blades.
  • 2 x High quality stainless steel (Chrome) wiper arms.
  • 2 x Chrome wiper boss nut.
  • 2 x Stainless steel wiper hole plug.
  • 2 x Chrome twin washer jets.
  • It is easy to install by hand and some tools, you can DIY easily.
  • Suggest changing windscreen chrome fillet also when you change this product.
  • Some called it stainless steel wiper set, some called it chrome wiper kit set, some called it chrome wiper set, it’s all the same thing.

Stainless Steel Wiper Kit

Mini stainless Steel Wiper Kit set
Pictures above show two sets of stainless steel wiper kit
Stainless Steel Wiper Kit
The car on the left in the picture above is without the stainless steel wiper kit and the car on the right is with it. This chrome mini parts is cheap but it makes a big different on the car especially when you view it from front.

How can I buy this product?

Email us to MalaysiaMiniLover@gmail.com to place your order for Stainless Steel Wiper Kit or check out Mini parts for sale for some other parts you need.


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