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Mini MK6-MKVI 1992-1997


Minis built from 1992 to 1997 are fall into the group of Mark 6, MK6 or known as MKVI. There are numbers of Mini Cooper model were built again during this generation. The era of limited edition did not stop and the production keeps on going after Mini mk5 generation end around 1991. There are roughly 17 Mini models were built during this generation where about 6 models are base on the famous Mini Cooper cars model.

Some of the major improvement to Mini MK5/MKV:

  • 1.3i engine being appeared in this generation
  • Front 8.4-inch disc brakes with servo disc brake system was introduced across the range. Dual circuit system with front discs and rear drums.
  • Wider wheel arch extensions was introduced
  • Most of the models of MK5/MKV fitted with 1275cc A+ engine
  • More luxury and comfortable interior design were made

In 1992, Mini British Open were introduced as the first Mini for MKVI generation, and as the first Mini special edition that fitted with the larger 1.3 injection engine.

mini british open mini british open mini british open mini british open
1992 Mini British Open (Click on image to enlarge it)
Production of 
Mini British Open Classic
Date Launched: June 1992
Production: 1,000 for United Kingdom

  • First special edition fitted with the larger 1.3i engine.
  • Featured full length electrically folding sunroof (Webasto sunroof – had been an option on Japanese cars for some time)
  • Minilite-style alloy wheels, R552 stereo, opening rear windows

Color and outlook: Painted in British Racing Green(HAF – BLVC617)
Decals/badges: Coachlines with “British Open Classic” decals and coat of arms
Exterior Trim: 
Chrome bumpers, grille, and handles; body-color door mirrors; black wheelarch extensions and sill finishers
Interior: Stone Beige Countryman Tweed upholstery with leather inserts and green piping, cream leather steering wheel, matching doorcards and seatbelts, label stiched to seats reading “By Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen”
Engine size:
Original price: 

More details and photos: Marco’s 1992 Mini British Open

In 1992, Rover Group has produced the Mini Italian Job model based on the car that used in the 1969 Italian Job movie. It is a movie that Mini were use to run and avoid from it’s chaser.

Mini Italian Job Mini Italian Job Mini Italian Job Mini Italian Job
Production of
Mini Italian Job
Date Launched: October 1992
Production: 1,000 cars for UK, 750 for Italy
Based upon the Minis used in the 1969 film, ‘The Italian Job (1969)’
Fitted with twin spot lamps, Minilite-style wheels, tinted glass, and opening rear quarter windows
Color and outlook:Produced in four colours – Flame Red (COF – BLVC818), Diamond White (NMN – BLVC655), Metalic British Racing Green (HAM – BLVC1216) and Electric Blue (NMN – BLVC655).
Decals/badges:Bonnet stripes, “Italian Job” badge, crossed Italian and British flag decals
Exterior Trim:
Body-coloured wing mirrors, white grilles, black bumpers.
– Full width front parcel shelf, with trimmed and padded rails (colour-keyed).
– Black tweed, three-spoke soft feel steering wheel with Italian flag on steering wheel and front seats
– Fascia mounted ashtray
– Twin door bins
– Rear companion boxes
Engine size:
Original price:

1992 – 1996
Production of Mini Sprite and Mini Mayfair 1,275cc
Details: Sprite had black wheel arch extensions and full width wheel trims but otherwise a similar specification to the City model. Mini Mayfair had added chrome and Chevron fabric interior. Full width burr-walnut dash from 1993, metro based front seats and internal bonnet release. Alarm/Immobiliser also fitted to Mayfair from 1993.
Engine size:

There is a Mini model known as Mini Cosmopolitan which built around 1992 by Rover Group in France. It is mainly for export purposes only. It has come in Black color with electronic slide up sunroof, again, this is a limited edition.

During 1993, Mini Rio was introduced as limited edition where only 750 Mini Rio were produced.
 Mini Rio
Production of 
Mini Rio
Date Launched: June 1993
Production: 750 cars
Details: Based on the Mini Sprite model and only 750 cars sold in the UK.
Suspension used for Mini Rio were all independent, rubber cone springs, telescopic dampers.
Color and outlook: Produced in Black (PDE – BLVC373), Caribbean Blue (UME – BLVC911) and Polynesian Turquoise (UMG – BLVC966) with ‘Rio’ decals. The colours offered on the Rio were usually extra-cost options on the standard Mini Sprite.
Decals/badges: “Rio” Decals on flanks and boot  
Exterior Trim: 
Chrome bumpers

– Black with bright green Spira panels on doors and seats.
– Rack and Pinion steering.
– Fresh air heater/demister with face level air vents.
– Gear lever gaiter.
– Boot mat.
– Twin door bins.
Engine size: 
1275cc – 4 cylinder, transverse, OHV, 50PS (EEC) @ 5000 RPM with 3 way catalyst.
Original price: 
£5,495 (Mini Rio)

During October 1993, another very limited edition Mini Tahiti was introduced. It is only 500 cars for production. This name Tahiti were come from the colour of the car which is Tahiti Blue colour.
mini tahiti mini tahiti mini tahiti
mini tahiti mini tahiti mini tahiti
1993 Mini Tahiti (Click on the image to enlarge it)
Production of 
Mini Tahiti
Date Launched: October 1993
Production: 500 cars
Details: Only 500 Mini Tahitis ever built. This model came with alloy wheels and Tahiti Blue paintwork.
Color and outlook:Only painted in Tahiti Blue (JMP – BLVC65)

Decals/badges: “Tahiti” Decals with silhouetted palm trees on flanks and boot
Exterior Trim: Chrome bumpers
– Black trim with blue-and-black door and seat inserts, colour-coded seat belts

Engine size: 
Original price: 
£5,795 (Mini Tahiti manual transmission), £6,715 (for automatic transmission)

In 1994, Mini Cooper Monte Carlo was introduced to celebrate the Mini Cooper wining in history. It was 30th anniversary for the Monte Carlo victory. Only 200 cars were produced, thus it is very limited edition and it is one of the mini models that very collectable for Mini lovers.

mini cooper monte carlo mini cooper monte carlo mini cooper monte carlo

mini cooper monte carlo mini cooper monte carlo mini cooper monte carlo
1994 Mini Cooper Monte Carlo (Please click on the image to enlarge it)
Production of 
Mini-Cooper Monte Carlo
Date Launched: January and July 1994
Production: Only 200 cars
 A visual upgrade from the standard Mini-Cooper 1.3i model to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Paddy Hopkirk’s 1964 Monte Carlo Rally victory. This model was produced in January. In July 1994, another edition was launched to celebrate Paddy Hopkirk’s return to rallying. This version was also available in black and it featured gunmetal alloy wheels. Mini Cooper Monte Carlo has also come with gunmetal Minilite-style alloy wheels, four fog lamps.
Color and outlook: Only painted in Flame Red (CPQ – BLVC1000) and Black (PMF – BLVC644). Bonnet with the Monte Carlo badge, Cooper stripes and the rear had another Monte Carlo badge.
Decals/badges: “John Cooper” signature decals, coachline with Monte Carlo decals. 
Exterior Trim: Featured special Monte Carlo Rally decals and an extra pair of spot lamps.
– Wooden dashboard, red vinyl seats with cream cloth center panels
– Red seat belts, red carpets, red leather steering wheel, gear knob, and gaiter
Engine size: 
1275cc (Standard single point EFI engine)
Original price: £7,195 (January Monte Carlo edition) £7,995 (July Monte Carlo edition)

In 1994, it is also the year that Mini has born 35 years on earth. Therefore, it is a year that Mini 35 was introduced.

mini 35  mini 35
Production of 
Mini 35
Date Launched: June 1994
Production: 1,000 for UK
Details: Based on the Mini Sprite model to celebrate 35 years of Mini production. Opening rear windows, R652 stereo
Color and outlook: Painted in Nevada Red, Arizona Blue and White Diamond.

Decals/badges: Silver coachline with special decals
Exterior Trim: Chrome grille, lock set and door handles.
Interior: Blue-and-pink “Jamboree” fabric
Engine Size: 1275cc
Original price: £5,695

1994 – 1996
Production of Mini Cooper Grand Prix
Mini Cooper Grand Prix
Date Launched: August 1994 to December 1996
Production: ONLY 35
– Special model created by John Cooper Garages with an increased power output of 86bhp.
– Luxury leather interior with walnut dashboard and additional gauges.
– Koni adjustable dampers, four driving lamps, stainless sill plates
– Big-valve, ported, balanced and flowed cylinder head, special cam and valve rocker assemblies.
– Weber Alpha fuel injection (except for the last few, which had a remapped Rover ECU), catalyzed Janspeed exhaust, revised air filter, oil cooler. Performance 0-60 mph under 9 seconds. Maximum speed at 105 mph.
Color and outlook: Only 35 built- 34 in British Racing Green and one in Tahiti Blue.

Decals/badges: Coachlines with Grand Prix decals
Exterior Trim: Chrome grille, handles and locks.
Interior: Leather trim for doors, leather steering wheel and upholstery, glovebox-mounted plaque, walnut 6-gauge dash, door cappings and door pulls. Walnut door openers, John Cooper car mats,
Engine size: 1275cc (4 cylinder, transverse, 86bhp @ 5400 rpm)
Original price: £13,495

Production of 
Mini Sidewalk (A.K.A Mini Tartan in Japan)
Mini Sidewalk
Date Launched: June 1995
Production: 1,000 for UK
Details: Based on the Mini Sprite.Radio/cassette player.
Color and outlook: Available in Charcoal Metallic, Kingfisher Blue or White Diamond. Blue tartan interior trim.
Decals/badges: “Sidewalk” decals
Exterior Trim: Chrome bumpers
Interior: Red seat belts and blue tartan trim
Engine Size: 1275cc
Original price: £5,895

See: 1995 Mini Tartan a.k.a Mini Sidewalk

Production of 
Mini Cooper S
mini cooper s
Date Launched: 1995
Production: N/A
Details: Up-rated version of the Rover Cooper. The first Cooper ‘S’ available from new for 25 years. John Cooper styled features and a more powerful engine. Fitted with a unique chassis plate.
Decals/badges: “Cooper S” decals
Engine Size: 1275cc
Original price: £9,975

Production of 
Mini Equinox
mini equinox
mini equinox
mini equinox
Date Launched: April 1996
Production: 750
Details: Special edition model based on the Sprite.
Color and outlook: ‘Sun, moon and stars theme’ produced in Amaranth (KMN – BLVC1223), Charcoal Grey (LVD – BLVC574) and Platinum Silver (MNX – BLVC1209)
Decals/badges: Coachlines with “Equinox” Decals (astrological theme)
Exterior Trim: Chrome bumpers and grille
Interior: Purple and black moon-and-stars printed fabric seat inserts with leather edging
Engine Size: 1275cc
Original price: £6,195

During 1996, it’s 35 years since the Mini Cooper first rolled off the production line back in 1959 and went on to make history. Wining the Monte Carlo Rally three times in the Swinging 60s. A Mini Cooper 35 was then introduced to celebrate 35th anniversary.
mini cooper 35mini cooper 35
Production of Mini Cooper 35
Date Launched: May 1996

Production: 200 (5 of which received John Cooper Garages S specification. It produced 86bhp)
Details: Produced to celebrate 35 years of Mini Cooper production. Only 200 were produced.
Color and outlook: 
Painted in Almond Green (HAK – BLVC1212) with a white roof (NMN – BLVC655) and body coloured wing mirrors / arches.
Included a green leather interior and special anniversary decals.
Gunmetal grey Minilite-style 12″ alloy wheels, four spotlamps
Decals/badges: Coachlines with “Mini Cooper 1961-1996 Anniversary Edition” decals on sides and bootlid
Exterior Trim: Body-coloured door mirrors and wheel arches
Interior: Porcelain Green leather seats with Cooper logos; matching leather steering wheel and gear knob; “Anniversary” badge on steering wheel; wooden dash with cream-faced dials
Engine Size: 1275cc
Origginal price: £8,195

The Mini Cooper was a small miracle. Competitors simply couldn’t believe that the cheeky little cars storming past them up snow-packed Alpine slopes had only a 997cc, 1071cc or 1275cc engine and rubber cone suspension. The Mini raced to victory on its first outing, such a wining streak deserves celebrating. Therefore, nowadays all the mini lovers can drive a Mini Cooper which is certain to become a collector’s item. The MK6 or MKVI generation was then end after Mini Cooper 35.

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