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Mini Mini Cooper Flash Drives


This Mini Cooper sure does drive, but is not drive on steering or wheels, it is flash drives! If you thought the Mini Cooper was small enough already, get a closer look to see these Mini of the Mini Cooper flash drives. The Mini Cooper flash drives are the latest wacky USB devices to hit the streets. The Mini Mini Cooper flash drives is design base on a BMC Austin Mini Cooper S model, every device is design at 1:48 scale replica of an actual Mini Cooper.

Believe me, it is really just like a real Mini, you are not able to fit yourself, your luggage, your girlfriend in there, but you will be able to store couple thousands of MP3s, images, or even videos. Look at the Mini Cooper picture below, how perfect the work is.

You can clearly see the Mini Cooper flash drives is just like the actual car, it has the slipper type rear lights, twin tank, MK 1 front grill, and John Cooper Works stripe on the bonnet. How wonderful it is at the scale of 1:48 to the actual car, you can even see the sliding window which is an early type of Cooper.


The classic Mini Mini Cooper flash drives are available in some store in England and some other countries. Anyway, I came across a website there is a Mini Cooper freak custom made his flash drives into a BMW Mini Cooper die-cast model. He drilled out the rivets that hold the bottom of the car to the body with a drill press, and then he separated the two and cut off the front end with a Dremel and cutting wheel attachment once those were out. He was then just simply glue a bit of balsa wood the correct thickness to support the USB drive into the Mini Cooper die-cast model. Eventhough the work is not as good as the classic one that made from factory, it shows his passion to a Mini Cooper.


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