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Mini Cooper S with John Cooper Works GP kit


Mini Cooper S with John Cooper Works GP tuning kit was introduced in 2006. It also known as “MINI GP” which is the last version of MINI that made with Tritec engine. The “MINI GP” is a lightweight, race-prepped John Cooper Works, and limited edition where only 2000 cars are produced world wide. 2006 is also the year that first generation / MK I production end.


Specialty of Mini Cooper S with John Cooper Works GP

mini gp

  • It is a unique model and power boosted.
  • 218 bhps.
  • Two seater with no rear seats. Additional body stiffening added to rear seats area.
  • Bolstered front seats.
  • No rear wash-wiper, optional air-conditioning (around 40 kg/88 lb) to reduce the overall weight.
  • Enhanced brake, suspension, smooth under-body.
  • Only come in one color which is Thunder Blue with Pure Silver roof.
  • Red door mirrors, carbon fiber rear spoiler, unique body kit.
  • Bespoke ( 2 kg lighter ) 4-spoke alloy wheels.
  • Special badging, featured with decal on the roof of the car along with a plaque on dashboard.

mini cooper s gp
mini cooper s gp
mini cooper s gp
Mini Cooper S with John Cooper Works GP kit – interior

The limited edition of Mini GP with production of 2000 cars will become a collectors’ item just like the classic Mini MK5, Mini MK6, and MK7 generation.

The Aerodynamic Package (AKA Aero Pack, Aero Kit)
MINI offered an Aero Kit on the all the MINI models (Mini One, Mini Cooper, Mini Cooper S as well as the Mini Convertible) for the first generation/MK I. This package has come with:

  • Honeycomb black grille
  • Different front and rear bumpers and side skirts
  • Aero spoiler
  • Optional to buy separate components for the kit.

The offered package has make the matters a little bit more confuse, although often promoted together, the Aerodynamic Package is not related to the various “Works” tuning options.

mini aerodynamic package
MINI Cooper S R53 pre-facelift with Aerodynamic package

mini aerodynamic package
MINI Cooper S R53 facelift with Aerodynamic package. The black inserts on the car around the fog light area were optional stick on items and do not indicate a “facelift” MINI.

The Interior Changes

The July 2004 facelift changed the interior of the MINI:

  1. The door cards/handles/arm rests became more curved (away from the door)
  2. The dash became a three part dash with the airbag moved above into the soft plastic area, and other changes also took place.

Most of which you can see below in the two examples, pre facelift first.

mini cooper S GP interior
The Sat Nav shown in the second photo was an option from the start, which moves the speedo above the steering wheel alongside the rev counter.
mini cooper S GP interior

The MINI has always bring some confuse to outsider ever since the classic Mini MK I to classic Mini last generation as most of their outlook are look alike. But if you really learn Mini, you still can differentiate out most of the mini models. Do hope you enjoy the information published here, we will try our best to bring out best information of Mini to our readers!


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