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Mini Cooper R56 was first introduced 2006 and 2007 (some markets) after the Mini Cooper R50 production end during 2006. As mentioned in BMW Mini One post, Second generation of Mini comes in 2006 until present (at the time of writing 2009). The Cooper R56 is the first MINI appears in second generation as MINI MK II Hatchback.

The second generation Mini MK II hatchback
Mini Cooper R56mini cooper r56

Differences within R50 and R56 (first and second generation Mini Cooper)

The second generation changes are too much to explain. The changes to the car is just like the classic Mini MKI and Mini MK II. Anyway, Angelina will try to explain as much as we can with picture guidance.

  • The R56 or second generation Mini is most obviously spotted from it’s bumper, grille, and lights.
  • The second generation girlle is “sticked together” rather than seperated in R50 as shown in the picture below.
  • R56 come with only 2 sport lights at the bumper and it looks slightly bigger than R50.
  • The signal in main lights come with orange colour for R56.
  • The rear lights for R50 and R56 are different.
  • The rear middle lights for R56 are slightly bigger.
  • The chrome lining for rear bumper in R50 has gone in R56.

differences between mini cooper r50 r56
differences between mini cooper r50 r56

All mini models look alike, the Cooper R50 outlook is said to look like Min Cooper S R53, but if you do compare it slowly, you will spot out the differences.

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