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Mini Cooper and Mr. Bean


Mr. Bean – best describe as “A child in a grown man’s body” starring by Rowan Atkinson is a well-known British comedy television series. “Mr. Bean” the movie was born in 1990. Rowan Atkinson developed Mr. Bean’s character during his study at Oxford University. Mr. Bean solve various problems occur in our daily life and often causing disruption in the process. Having to add more colors to the movie, Mr. Bean has a famous “pad-locked” Mini and Teddy as Mr. Bean’s teddy bear from the classic TV series.

Mr. Beans Mini is a late 1970s MKIV British Leyland Mini that comes with 1000cc engine. An orange 1969 Morris Mini MKII with the registration number RNT 996H being used in the movie during the very first episode Mr. Bean. Some record shows this car body was actually from a MK I that manufactured at 1963 or 1964.

Who is Mr. Bean’s Mini enemy?

Mr. Bean’s Mini is often seen in conflict with a three-wheeler light blue Reliant Regal Supervan III with the registration number GRA 26K.

Mr. Bean chooses this MKII as his first vehicle in the movie but this Mini was destroyed by a tank in a crash off-screen at the end of the first episode.

Look at Mr. Bean’s reaction when the Mini Cooper is crashing

From the crash on, Mr. Beans Mini was a 1977 model in lime/yellow color, black bonnet, and a pad-lock which is a innovative security measures. Mr. Bean seldom remove the car key but he always removed the steering wheel which formed a running joke in the series. The Mini were registered with the number SLW 287R, ACW 497V and C607 EUV in several series.

Mini Bean’s Mini Cooper

How Mr. Bean drive his Mini?

Mr. Bean is able to drive his Mini on roof of the car by using a mop to change the transmission, a broom to control the break, and a rope to control the steering. Initially he uses a brick that tie up with a rope to stop from car from slip away, he then realease the e-brake, use a pail to hold the clutch (tie up with a rope), and enter gear 2, start the engine. He run the Mini by pull off the brick and pail by the rope.

Look at how Mr. Bean drives Mini. Don’t try this at home or on the road!

Mr. Bean drive his Mini in the car park

Mr. Bean’s Mini die-cast model are available in some countries, price are depends on the country’s currency. In england, there are a lot of classic Mini cooper fans rebuild their mini to Mr. Bean’s-Mini-look-alike, this show how famous it is.

It takes a reasonable amount of intelligence, culture and a bit of a tender heart to understand Mr. Bean, and off course to enjoy Mr. Bean in the series. There is nothing special about Mr. Bean’s Mini if you compare to some superhero car in some movie like Batman’s car, Ford Mustang in “Death Race”, Nissan 350Z in “Tokyo Drift”, but it has become a famous Mini by Mr. Bean. If you love the car, you can now stand a chance to own it, see Mr Bean’s Mini for sale.

What I would to say is, “Mr. Bean, you rocked !!!”


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