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Mini Cooper and John Evans


Drive in a Mini Cooper or Drive under a Mini Cooper or Hold a Mini Cooper? A Guinness World Record Breaker John Evans balances a Mini Cooper weighing 352lbs/160kg on his head for 33 seconds at London Studio. The Mini Cooper that been use is an Austin Mini MKIII which similar to Mr. Bean’s Mini Cooper. The Mini Cooper is obscenely heavy to be used as an objects on a human head.

mini cooper

Mini Cooper and the power head

Mini Cooper and John Evans’s head

Guess what? John holds 32 Guinness World Records and 38 Record Holders Republic World Records. His head is just like Shaolin’s famous Kung Fu “Iron Head” in real life. John Evans has appeared on television world wide including Hollywood, Taiwan, ShangHai, Tokyo, New York and many more countries to present his “balance power”. 

Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper and John Evans's head

Mini Cooper and John's head

Mini Cooper and John

John Evans did a great job to hold all Guinness World Record, is it possible for him to balance a New BMW Mini Cooper like the one Britney Spears driving on his head in the future? Well, MalaysiaMiniLover wish him all the best!


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