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Mini Cooper and Beatrice Hsu Wei Lun (许玮伦)


A well-known Taiwanese actress Beatrice Hsu Wei Lun (许玮伦) started her career in modelling. Her charm, beauty, and talent were quickly spotted by TV drama producers. Wei Lun started acting while she stil studying in university. She gain her fame and popularity gradually not just by her look, but with her lovable performances in acting and movies. Wei Lun is a talented musician, she can play piano, guitar, drum, erhu and harp very well, but most people around the world know Wei Lun by her acting.

Wei Lun is a Mini Cooper fans, she get her own Mini Cooper as her car back in years.

Beautiful Mini Cooper, Beautiful Wei Lun

Unfortunately, this lovely Taiwan actress was involved in a fatal accident at 23:15 on January 28, 2007. Her Mini Cooper was driven by her assistant and she was sitting in the front seat of the car. The car smashed into a pretective fence on the Taichung stretch of Taiwan’s National Highway (Point 1 in the picture below) and spun out to the other side of the highway and the car stopped horizontally between outer lane and the road shoulder. According to witness, her Mini Cooper was travelling at around 120-130km/h.

Wei Lun unbuckled her seat belt as she thought it was safe after the car stopped. The Mini Cooper’s rear-end was hit by a freight vehicle immediately (Point 2 in the picture above). The collision cause the Mini Cooper tailstock serious hollow aberration (Point 3 in the picture above). The front airbag failed to deploy during the collission occured as airbags are not designed to deploy in rear impact collission.

Wei Lun’s head was seriously fractured and she fell into a deep coma. After 43 hours of emergency treatment, her heartbeat stopped at 17:09 and she passed away on January 28, 2007 local time due to hydrocephalus.

It is very sad to see a talented, charming, intelligent and beautiful actress left this world at her age of 28.

A picture of Wei Lun and her Mini Cooper. Rest in peace, Hsu Wei Lun, you will always here with us.


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