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Mini cars over the century, model year, length, width, height and details are all here in Malaysia Mini Lover. Here we give the top 10 mini cars over the century since first car invented. It is really mini than most of the car you can see on the road today but it is not for kids! Some are still able to be used on the road today while some has already collected in automotive museum. Now rub your eye and start travel back to time and check out all the cutest ever Mini cars.


When anyone mentions about mini car, the most famous and always No 1 in the mini car list will be the Mini. The classic Mini always comes with the word “Austin” or “Morris” since it was first launched in August 1959 by BMC. Check out more about the Mini timeline and history. There are total of 7 generations from 1959 to 2000 for the Mini and it is one of the best England made car over half century.
Length 120.1 in
Width 55.1 in
Height 53.1 in

BMW Isetta 300

The BMW Isetta 300 is one of the most successful microcars produced by BMW in the 1950s and 1960s. The car has given a lot of convenience to people during post-World War II when the demand for cheap short distance transportation is high. The Isetta was only built in a few countries back in years; this has including Spain (known as Iso Isetta), Belgium, France (known as VELAM Isetta), Brazil (known as Romi-Isetta), Germany, and the United Kingdom.
BMW Isetta 300
The Isetta has a very special egg shape with only 1 door and bubble-like windows, hence it also known as bubble car. Length of this car is just over 7 feet and trusts me, the first sentence that most of the people will shout when they see this car is “Oh My Gosh! It is so cute!”

Peel Trident

Alright, here comes another real cute bubble-small-mini car. The Peel Trident is only live for a year where the production is only from 1965 to 1966. There is ONLY approximately 45 Trident were produced. Unfortunately, the Trident is only available on the Isle of Man.
Length 72 in
Width 42.1 in
Curb weight 90 kg (198 lb)
Peel Trident

Smart Fortwo car

Now we move on to newer mini cars. The Smart Fortwo is a mini car that suitable for people who do not use the back seat at all. With the weight at just 730 kg/1600 lb, it just nice to drive around town and get the car park easily.
Length 98.4 in
Width 59.6 in
Height 61 in
Smart Fortwo

REVA G-Wiz i

It is the first electric car from India that comes with 2 door and fully automatic hatchback. The REVA produces the maximum speed at 80km/h (50 mph) and that is a good speed for a small car. The REVA is commonly used and can be seen on the road in the United Kingdom.
Length 100 in
Width 51 in
Height 59 in
It is great to check out all these mini cars.
REVA G-Wiz i


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